1008IM will not burn CD-Rs

I have a dvd burner that I can no longer remember the brand name on-it is a magicspin, and the model is 1008im-I think it was an i/o omega or maybe liteon-anyway the problem is the drive will not burn a cd-r. says there is no disk in the drive, or the disk isn’t the correct format. I was using roxio ez cd creator 6, but had a problem with another software program so ended up deleating it-only to find later when I went to reinstall that I no longer have the install disks-that was about the time it stopped burning cd’s-DVD’s are fine. XP will not even recignize cd-r in the drive. HELP!!! I tried roxio cd creator , but no luck.

I tried roxio 5 with no luck

You need to reinstall XP to have your drive recognized again. Roxio created the CD burning software that XP uses - once uninstalled, you can only reinstall to correct the issue.

Good luck!