1008IM not recognizing DVD+RW

I have a Micro Advantage 8X superdrive running WINXP SP1. I have burnt 8 DVD+Rs (TDK 4x) with only 1 coaster as a result of my computer rebooting during the burning process. I was using a DVD+RW to test using 31 character labeling in Nero My machine kinda stalled during the burning: the timer was still running, but I was not noticing any progress. I decided to cancel the burning. Following that, my drive does not recognize the DVD+RW (Ridata) is inserted when I used Nero, DVDProInfo, Alcohol and DVD Decrypter to erase the media. It also was not recognized by DVD Identifier. I get a media not inserted or drive empty message. Interestingly enough, Isobuster reads the DVD+RW but it does not have the capability to erase it. Does any one know how I get my drive to recognize this DVD+RW so that I can erase it? I’d be grateful for any suggestions.

with only 1 coaster as a result of my computer rebooting during the burning process.
did this happen right before you experienced the burn stall on the +RW…?

Faulty DVD +RW

"In windows explorer I noticed that the faulty disk was not correctly recognized, not even showing a label. Explorer only sometimes showed (not always) that disk had full capacity available although I knew that that was not the case as I burned something to it but was not able to read it.

As I desribed earlier to my opinion the problem is caused by a damged or faulty TOC on the disc.

What I did, I decided to fire up once again good old DVDdecrypter and check out all the menus if there is a way to change and write a new label (volume name). As this should overwrite the existing content of the TOC.

It appears that this option is available. In the tools menu of DVDdecrypter under tab ISO.

Followed the popupmenu and selected an image (iso) to fill in a label name and hit ok.

Then I burned my image with DVDdecrypter to the DVD and voila succesfully completing (first it start erasing, then writing).

After that did the final check, fired up windows explorer and yes!!! the disc is recognized and readable again on the PC.

Showing the label and correct amount of bytes used. Also dir’s and files are visible again in windows explorer.

Also it plays now again without a problem in Powerdvd.

So job done and one DVD+RW disc recovered for further use.

The writing of the new label apparently repaired the fault in the TOC, which caused the PC DVD drive not to recognize the disc correctly.

Hope it works for others to, who knows how many DVD+RW’s have been thrown away by mistake as people thought they could not be used anymore because of formatting problem caused by faulty TOC".

I do not take credit for this, I found this solution somewhere on the net.

I’ve burnt 4 DVD+R since the machine rebooted during the middle of a burn.

Does the image file have to be from a DVD? If do, I need to make an iso before I can test your solution. Thanks


As I mentioned I found this solution somewhere on the net a while ago.

What I would do is, make or copy an iso to a directory on your HD, and follow the instrustions.

I have not had the problem you are having so I have not used this method.

Hope it helps. It’s worth a try. If not, some one else might offer another solution.

worraps’s hint worked to salvage the DVD+RW. Before trying DVDDecryptor, I had used Alcohol and Nero to erase (quick and full) the disc. Some of the times it appeared to be successful, but I was never successful in writing anything on the DVD+RW using Nero or Alcohol. After making an image from a copied DVD using Alcohol, I burnt the image on the disc using DVDDecryptor. DVDDecryptor had about 15 retries before it finished, so the disc must have been pretty “damaged”. My drive now recognizes the DVD+RW!

On a different note, I used another computer with an I/O Magic multiformat (the BTC) DVD writer. The problem is that my computer could not even detect that the media was inserted. Only with Isobuster was I able to get my computer to do anything with the DVD+RW. The other computer could read it–even when the RW was a coaster. My drive also does this (does not recognize that media is inserted) with the 1 coaster (DVD+R) that it made when the computer spontaneously rebooted during the burning process. Does anyone have a fix for this? It may be a problem with the drive or system settings? The DVD writer is the only DVD drive on my computer.