1008IM - CD read problems Win98


I purchased a BTC 1008IM today (firmware updated to 0055). I’ve done some burning tests, and it seems to work pretty well (both CD-RW and DVD-RW). Dvd reading also is ok, both data (iso9660) and video.

CD reading, however, has some kinda problems. When I insert a CD-ROM the drive blinks some seconds, and then settles down (a quite normal behaviour). BUT when I try to read the CD-ROM drive in Explorer or WinCommander the discs begins to rotate fast and then slow down, then rotate again and slow down and so on. In the meanwhile the GUI is locked (I just can move the mouse but nothing else). After about 1 minute of speedup-slowdown I can finally read the CD, and the performance are stable and excellent (it’s really fast!). Also the performances with the Nero test thingy are good (in fact no strange behaviours are detected). This happens with all the CDs I’ve tried. These CDs are read perfectly on my Samsung DVD-ROM.

On the other hand in Linux (kernel 2.6.2-rc1) there are no problems. The drive’s reaction-time seems to be a bit slow, but no speedup-slowdown problems.

So I guess this could be a problem of incompatibility between win98se and the btc drive. Do you think that upgrading to Win2000/WinXP could solve the issue?

Thanks for the assistance.


The same problem with 1004IM on WinME (see http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=85603 - no much response). No problems in DOS or on WinXP PRO.

:bow: Looks like a new-release-firmware problem :bow: