1008im bitsetting software 55b2

Yesterday i received bitsetting firmware (55b2) from pizzaman tested it and it works for me!

drive has to be at secondary master (change f.bat if it’s connected to another port).

i’ve flashed my drive from dos, took a dvd+rw started the utillity, changed booktype, closed utillity, burned with nero and tested the dvd in another pc …it works!

download the software at http://home.tiscali.nl/bc231348/download/bisetting/bitsetting1008.zip

good luck with it!

Another thanks pizzaman! :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

At the moment I haven’t had a problem that I needed to usa bitset but if I do in the future then can you explain just how it works and how to use it. Thanks

Don’t thank to me. Thank to Marco and the other Guys at BTC.

Did the bitsetting tool works with Win98 ?

sorry never tryed it using win xp pro on my machine…

I couldn’t get the bitsetting tool to run under Win98SE. It runs only under 2000 and XP.

Marco said it was unlikely to ever have support for Win98.

Pizzzaman wrote on this page http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=85316&perpage=25&pagenumber=2

that nero bundled with drive shows a thick box for bitsetting never tryed it but it could work in win98… let us know.

I am trying to flash my 1008 drive with 55b. I am using windows 2000 but I am unclear on how to boot with a dos floppy in win2000. I tried using a win98 setup disk even though I doubted it would work. I was able to boot in dos and get a command prompt but when I typed in the mtkflash command I got a bad command response.

Can I make a bootable floppy for win 2000? What files do I need on it? I read that I can use 2 floppys, one with Boot, mtkflash, all0-all4 and one with mtkflash all5-allf.

Does “Boot” mean all of the files needed to boot the PC or is there an executable file called boot that I need? Will the mtkflash program know where to find the rest of the hex files?

And, what is the DVDBitSet_4.exe? Is that the “Boot” file or is this a file I need to run in addition to flashing the firmware on the burner?

Can you use the DVDBitSet_4.exe program without flashing the firmware?

I could use a little help and would greatly appreciate it!



Why use the 55b firmware? Here is the link to the newly released V056 official firmware:


I have a stand alone DVD player that will not play DVD+R media. So, I want to be able to use the bitsetting tool to change the booktype on DVD+R to DVD-ROM because I read that doing so will enable them to be played in a DVD player that will not play DVD+R.

I have another DVD player that will play DVD+Rs but I would like my DVDs to be played in any player. I plan to make digital home movies of my little girl growing up and send them to family members and it would be nice to know they can play the DVDs in their DVD players without having to ask them about what make and model player they have.

Following the threads in this forum I have read that being able to change the booktype to DVD-ROM will enable me make DVDs that should be able to play in any DVD player. I hope this is true and I would like to try it. I have flashed the firmware of other products but I am not familiar with using DOS in Windows 2000.

Does the 56 firmware enable bitsetting?


can someone explain what bitsetting is in short?

i have a 1008 with 0054 firmware… i have backup’ed 5 dvd movies so far… using dvdshrink and dvd decrypter… they both work fine in my standalone dvd players: apex ad1200 and terapin dvd player (dont know model)… and both have been read by both of my dvd roms: my 1008 and a liteon combo dvd/cdrw drive.

by reading the above post… it seems like bitsetting are for people with wack dvd players? or old drives that can’t read dvd-r/dvd+r?

Changing the bitsetting means that you change your DVD+R(W) media from being identified as +R(W) disc to being identified as a DVD-ROM disc. This is useful because some DVD players will not read DVD+R(W) discs. By turning these discs into DVD-ROM discs instead it will enhance playability!

And by the way. Many new DVD players will not read DVD+R media. I bought an Apex player a month ago and it will not read DVD+Rs, only DVD-Rs and Ws. It will read SVCDs, VCDs and Kodak disks as well as rewritable cds with mp3s.

I bought an Apex DVD player over 2 years ago that will read DVD+Rs and just about everything else except DVD-RWs. You just gotta check them before you buy them. I stuck with APEX because my old one, which may be 3 years old, read anything I put in it until recently, when I bought my first DVD burner, I discovered it won’t read DVD-RWs. The DVD player was relatively old so I thought that was why, but with my new Apex not reading DVD+Rs I was surprised. A friend of mine just bought a new DVD player and a Burner. I looked up information on his new DVD player and I had to advise him not to use DVD+Rs. His won’t play them. Might be a turf war going on with manufacturers.

I flashed the firmware. There was a batch file included in the zipped files that made things easy. Sure would be nice to get some help with the rest.

what help do you need? use the bitsettingtool wich comes in the zip file…

I need help using the bitsetting tool. I put in the Disc (DVD+R), start the utility, change the book type, close the utility, and burn with Nero selecting DVD-ROM(UDF/ISO).

Then I try to play the disc in my player that will not play DVD+Rs, hoping that it will be recognized as a DVD-ROM it won’t play it. Says something like “NO DISC” on the screen.

I can’t find in my version of Nero where to select booktype? Is there any other software that I can use that I can select the Book Type in? Or perhaps a different version of Nero?



i use dvd+rw for it, same as using the nero version bundled with your drive… try changing booktype op dvd +rw then use same utillity on other drive to check if it worken (did for me).

there are many kinds of dvd players & laser type’s some just won’t read dvd+r/rw cause of a different reflection, some won’t play by by software adjustments (in player) and that is the type you can fool with this utility.

I didn’t get Nero bundled with my drive. I got Roxio 6, Photosuite 5 and Power DVD XP 4.0.

What version of Nero are you using?

Thanks again,


Nero booktype setting only works with Ricoh (mech) drives. It’s useless for BTC.

Thanks for the information.

Does that mean I cannot change the booktype setting at all with this burner?