1008 vs. 1108

Can someone outline the difference between these two models of burners? Is the 1108 just an updated version of the 1008? Is there any pros/cons of each?

Also a completely unrelated topic, but about bitsetting. I’ve heard conflicting stories about what DVD’s can be bitset. Can DVD+r and DVD-r both be bitset as DVD-ROM? Can Nero bitset both of them with the latest version?

1180 8X DVD-R, 1008 4X DVD-R only difference… yes it can bitset both, But the DVD-R bitset is flakey and chances are the dis will be unreadable. DVD+R bitset is fine.

Thanks for the info. I have an old Sony DVD player that won’t even play burned CD’s, but it plays my DVD-r’s no problem. I haven’t tried DVD+r’s. I guess if DVD+r’s don’t work, they most likely would if I bitset them to them DVD-ROM, is that a correct assumption?

Yes, that seems correct :slight_smile:

I had a AudioLogic (OLD) DVD player, It wouldn’t play DVD+R OR DVD-R.
Set DVD+R to booktype DVD-ROM and BAM! Plays like a champ, I will highly recomend, only buy DVD+R and setting the booktype for Maximum Playablilty.
It should be law that every drive has the bit setting capability.

Sounds good to me…are there any known instances of bit setting not fooling a player into thinking your media is a DVD-ROM?

all my DVD-R discs can be read just fine after bitsetting (higher speed also up to 10X in my Liteon DVDROM)
yeah they have booktype DVD-ROM