1008 bitsetting 0156 firmware

If this firmware has it, how does it work?
DVDINFOPRO says its not there, the utility from the 1004 doesn’t seem to work and Nero 6.3 doesn’t have any way to change it.
Sooooo… anyone?

I tried FW 0256… same problem here…

DVDInfoPro does not currently detect and support the bitsetting capability with the V0156 and V0256 firmware for the 1008.

The only bitsetting utility that works with the 1008 and those firmware revisions is the utility that came with the 55b3 firmware.


Didn’t know that… Noobie here :stuck_out_tongue:

There are other posts around here where users have successfully implemented the BitSet software. Myself, I flashed the 0256 firmware from BTC, but by itself it didn’t have the bitset software. I extracted that from the v055b3 zip file and it works; I just ignored the firmware version that came with it since I had already installed 025.

What I’m bitsetting are DVD+R discs. I put the disc in, run the utility and SET it to DVD-ROM and then CLOSE the utility. If you read an earlier thread on the 1008 and 0256 firmware(//http://forum.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=88858) you’ll see where I commented on some bizarre behavior when you leave the bitset utility up. I’ve since found two other things that are interesting.

First off, I decided to try CopyToDVD to move my resultant files from DVDShrink to a disc. I put the disc in, ran the bitset utility and then ran CopyToDVD. For some reason it seems to override the bitset because the resultant disc still showed DVD+R as its Bookmark.

The other thing, and I’d like to get some feedback on this, is that the burn speed drops down considerably when you change the Bookmark. Normally my DVD+R burns at 5-7x but with the bitset toggled to DVD-ROM I’m getting 1x only. Is anyone else seeing this?

I have to decide which is more important: DVD-ROM or faster burn speed. In my house, all of my DVD drives support DVD+R and +RW, so speed may be more important. Portability dictates DVD-ROM and slower burn speeds. It will be a disc-by-disc call…

I just tried that.

BTC Preset Book Type Tool V1.04 doesn’t work with my V0256 1008. I couldn’t even select the drive from the menu. It only showed my DVD-ROM drive. The writer was not available.

I’m thinking of reverting back to older FW and try to see if this Bit Setting tool ever gonna work.

Where might we download this "v055b3 zip " file ? Any links ? :slight_smile:

From another thread in this forum. Instead of sending you to that thread, I’ll just include the actual link for the code. Remember to ignore the firmware; it’s already out of date. What you want is the V1.04 EXE and readme (though it’s pretty basic).


Good luck!

Appriciate it, works like a dream.