1004IM MTKFLASH problem - misrecognized flash type

I’ve got a 1004IM that was flashed to 55b2 1008 firmware with MTKFLASH in DOS (successfully), then flashed to 56 1008 firmware via the “official” BTC updater (which appeared successful).

However, the drive stopped working after that, and attempts to use MTKFLASH to flash back to any prior version (for 1004 or 1008, beta or final, bin or hex) have all failed because it now incorrectly thinks the flash type is SST serial (and hangs at 00%).

Is there any way to manually override MTKFLASH’s determination of the flash/chip type and force a successful flash if the correct ManuID, ManuID1, bDevId, and flash type are known? Is this a problem of EEPROM corruption?

Any help appreciated.

ok i have the same problem i have 1004 IM and the drive is dead when i try to flash using MTKFLASH it also shows serial [sst]. Can you please tell what is serial? Maybe someone will be able to help us out.

Calling up MTKFLASH without any parameters and switches will bring up a help screen. Perhaps you will find something there.

Regards, Martin A

Use this link to guide and files to recover dead drives.


Have worked for me every time :wink:

Unfortunately, that’s just really a prepackaged firmware bin file with mtkflash for DOS. Since mtkflash cannot currently recognize the type of Winbond chip in the drive (and I can find no way to explicitly specify it), it will do nothing to fix the drive.

Yes - but it may be another mtkflash version than the one you have tried.

Simple: Boot to real dos with the drive connected as secondary master - go to the folder with the unzipped files and run f.bat

Worked every time for me.