1004 ver 0040 and slow wrighting

heyho folks im new here and hope you can help.i got my btc 1004 about 5 months ago and a 25 pack of infiniti professional dvd+r discs.yet when i try to use these at 4x they are only seen as 2x.i thought these was only 2x as the speed is not stated on the pack.yesterday i got a 25pack of mirror platium 4x discs and these are only seen as 1x.ive tried easy cd 6 / nero 5 and 6 and nti 6.5 platinum recording packages and they are all the same.this is the second drive ive had with the same problem.is it the media im using or do i upgrade the firmware or is it something else.hope someone can help as im pulling my hair out and theres not alot as there is…

Before you get bald, a firmware update might solve your problems.

can i ask you with what version i should update it with.

In the meantime, many may agree that firmware V0043 is one of the stablest releases. In fact, I’m still using V0043.

I suggest you update to v0047 or v0049 beta. I’m using v0049 right now and I burn almost everything perfectly! And it also supports bitsetting!

ok guys thanks alot but just one more question is there any difference with the btc 1004 and the pikaone 1004

No differences…it’s exactly the same drive!

thanks.ok ive downloaded 3 different so called versions but when i execute the file they all say device revision 0040 with ide flash 2.30 or 2.60 or 2.61.help its doing my head in.

ok thanks folks.ive downloaded 0047 and installed it and all seems ok with the +format and now detecting the rite speed discs.thanks…

ok folks after a few days of tinkering and changing the firmware from 0040 to start with then 0048 /0047/0043 i found that i could get the 4xdiscs to be seen at this speed but am unable to use my rewriteable discs.can anyone tell me what firmware i should use to get the best results with my discs,also where can i pick up the original 0040firmware from…mike

ive still been having problems so i went to the shop and swapped the drive for a new 1(number 3)and even tho its got a manurfactured date off november 03 its still got the 0040 firmware.anyway i set about messing up this drive and tried all the 8 different firmwares ive got and found that 0043 works with my 2x +r 4x+r and my dvd+rw.hope someone gets a bit of help from this…mike