1004 rewriting dvd-rw

I have ran into a problem where I couldn’t re-write to a previous written dvd-rw disc (princo, I never had any problem with this batch and rewrites 'em many times before with the other dvd-r drives).

The disc was written initially on a toshiba r5002.

I am able to erase the disc using NERO on btc-1004 but when it comes time to write it just ejects the disc and complains the disc is not empty.

I popped this disc on another machine with the Toshiba drive and I was able to rewrite no problem.

So it seems, the BTC-1004 may have problem rewriting DVD-RWs. OTOH, I tested with a few DVD+RW discs and have no problem rewriting 'em.

My overall impression: The drive is well made in terms of build quality and hardware wise. The problem is the firmware is simply too immature and needs major work. I may keep the drive anyways cuz’ I got it for $79.


Is this a problem with the firmware you guys are aware of?


What firmware version are you using? v0043 or 0045? Haven’t tried DVD-RW myself but many DVD+RW like yourself - all erased correctly.

So try using firmware 0043 and latest Nero - or maybe even 0045 and Nero as suggested in another thread.

Nero just released btw. Haven’t tried it yet.

Maybe you should consider trying some other app like DVDInfoPro which will allow erasing rewritables. get it at www.dvdinfopro.com

Good luck,


In my previous notebook (gericom hollywood) there was an toshiba dvd-burner 5002 installed. with this dvd-burner i burned some dvd-rw’s which the 5002 was not able to read anymore.

Since that days those dvd-rw where unused. now the btc 1004im was able to read that dvd-rw! imagine that. that’s pretty cool. i thought, this dvd-rw’s where damaged by the 5002 burner and unreadable.

however only with firmware 045 and nero 60019 this dvd-rw’s where readable and rewritable again. btw, the 5002 was really crappy. in my current notebook (toshiba tecra s1) there is no dvd-burner, ie the 6112. however i think about an x-mass upgrade…




I am using v43 and nero 6.011.

And I can erase the disc fine no problem but just couldn’t re-write it.


The toshiba burner I have actually is sd-r5002 … is this the same one as the one on your laptop?

Did you try the rewrite the dvd-rw disc with firmware v43? and it fails? now it does work with v45?

Is v45 released yet? The drive I brought came with v43 preinstalled.