1004 mb avi

I need some guidance from you experts. I downloaded an avi file thats 1004 mb. How can I burn this onto a dvd that will play on my stand alone player?
I have downloaded avi files before and burned them with Nero 6 as vcd and they work fine on cd-rs. This file is to big for a cd r so thats why I thought of putting it on a dvd. Any ideas???

simplest and easiest way is to use VSO’s DiVXtoDVD free application: http://www.vso-software.fr/divxtodvd/divxtodvd.htm

Just downloaded that program, but it won’t install. Says it’s not a valid win 32
application. ???

I’ve just downloaded from this link & it seems to work OK for me. Try to dl it again , maybe the download was corrupt.

yup, sounds like a corrupt DL to me. works fine on my end as well.

Thanks so much, tried the link again and bingo. Works fine. Just what I needed to do. Thanks :bow:

OK, so that worked, however when I play the dvd, it’s very poor quality now??? Anymore ideas? When I play the movie from my hd, it’s crystal clean, damn near perfect. After the conversion it’s real grainy.

How long is the duration of the avi file you downloaded? The longer the duration the lower the bitrate will be used to fit the film onto a DVD. If you want higher quality then you could split the avi file into 2 files and transcode each one to a seperate DVD.