1004 can't burn +R properly?

I have a DRW1004 and I’m using RICOHJPN01 DVD+R media. I can read the data on my PC just fine but I can’t read it on my DVD player. When my friend backs up the same DVD on the exact same media using the exact same steps on his Sony 4x burner, it reads fine on the stand-alone. I’ve tried 048 and 047 firmware to no avail.

Anyone have any suggestions?


There may be a minor difference in writing that makes them incompatible with your player - don’t know.

But this may also be a player issue - maybe it’s picky on how the discs is written.

Checked for firmware upgrades for your player? A lot of manufacturers offers firmware upgrades for their DVD players.

I have exactly the same problem im the TDK DVD+R with the same mid code (which should be a supported one)and the disc can also only read fluently by the PC in the xbox there is no chance to get it running and my 2 stand alone players get freezes till it freezes completly i tried it 5 times (using Fw 048 and nero 5.5 and later i tried again with 6.3 but no luck)
With the sony burner the same media can be read by the PC, Xbox and the SA´s(yes the have the latest available firmware and the are normally reading everything from the cheapest to the expensivst dvd/cd-r media).

When i check the discs with nero cd/dvd speed with my liteon dvd drive the line gets at the end like a rollercoaster ride. (ok when i do the test with the btc drive i get an perfect result)

That sucks cause i think i am using not the cheapest media with an by btc officaly supported mid code and after burning i am getting a fully written media which i can only use on my pc.

I posted this problem already in december. At that time the problem was with firmware 040. No firmware update since then solved this problem. For some reason burn quality of the 1004 is inferior to other brands. I compared it to a NEC 1100A. The same media could be played everywhere when burned with the NEC. I’m really considering to trash this drive and buy me a NEC dual writer.
Or someone should give me a brand/MID of media that can be bought in the Netherlands, is not too expensive, and can be properly by the 1004.

Has no one a solution for this problem …?