10000's C2 ERRORS




I just got a Plexwriter premium, using the sofware with the C1/C2, etc.
I have been going CRAZY testing all of my CDRs that were burnt prior- various media, both computer, standalone pros, standalone consumers, every burner, every media you can get ahold of. Sony, Maxell, even those new (mitsui-made) Mobile Fidelity 24kt Gold blanks.
The thing is, every one of those burnt CDs shows 100’s to tens of thousands of C2 Errors as well as C1 errors (normal)…ok so then I burnt 2 CDrs with the new Plextor, one Taiyo Yuden, one Mobile Fildelity. The only one w/o Any C2 errors and about 2400 C1’s was the Taiyo Yuden.

Thus, my question:
Is my Plexwriter Premium Defective? Or is it just that every other media/burner sucks compare to the Plextor/Taiyo Yuden combo?
Any help is really appreciated and thanks in advance


Well, it looks like your drive could indeed have a problem. Better get it replaced.


I noticed the same thing when I got my Plextor DVD burner. All the old discs burned with my old burner and cheap media had a lot of C2 errors, but the new Plextor did a great job.

Or is it just that every other media/burner sucks compare to the Plextor/Taiyo Yuden combo?

I don’t know about every other burner, but your old one probably wasn’t very good.

Your Plex Premium is fine. 2400 C1 and no C2 errors is about as good as it gets. You don’t have to use top quality media, but you should stay away from the no-name/budget stuff.


I doubt that your Plextor Premium is defective. Probably your old burner is a key…
Expect a lot of C2 errrors with Plextor Premium burning crap @48x… Sometimes even Taiyo Yuden (differant batches) cann’t be burned @48x without C2 errors…


Burning cheap media with premium at 16x or 24x gives best results in most cases. At which speeds did you burn?


I can vouch for this happening with my Plextor DVD burners. I was horrified to see C2 errors show up on some of my Fujifilm TY 48x CD-Rs :eek:


It seems that most of these Mitsui blanks are showing up with alot of C2 errors, and also anything I burnt w/standalones has uncountable C2’s. Why is this?