100 Verbatim 8X +R/-R $29.99 shipped No Rebate @amazon



great stuff

just ordered that last night for $34.99…cancelling and reordering

Great deal.
Buyers should note that the estimated ship date is 08/01 thru 08/15.

hahahahhahaha good call

Nice deal :smiley:
Last time I got the MCC003, they’re almost flawless. Takes long to ship tho…

not for me, last time some1 posted amazon selling these kinda cheap, i ordered on a thursday mourning and got them the next day

I agree, Amazon free shipping is hit or miss, especially the quality of packing. My order for these just took UPS 5 days to get from NV to Il., which by the way, is 800 miles East of me.

Hey, Chas! Good to see you again! :bigsmile:

Mine came from KS and arrived in TX in just 2 days. I was quite shocked, since their ‘super saver shipping’ originally said I could expect USPS to deliver around 1 Jul. :doh: They came inside a standard cardboard box with 3 “Air Space”/Polyair air bags around it on the inside, with the 100pk laying on its side.

the +R are back in stock, but it says ship in 1-2 weeks. I ordered 400, hopefully they pack well

Good to see you too. Mine always come from the west, overshoot MN by a 1000 miles or so, wait another day, and then ship back west until I see them. UPS always adds a day or two to delivery time, unlike Fed Ex. They desperatly need a hub west of the Mississippi.

Your packing is typical Amazon. Open box-insert “item”-toss in a few air pillows- close box. I once had them reship something three times before we both gave up. Every time, crappy packing resulted in damage. At least they stand behind the damage. Monkeys could do a better job (no offense to monkeys).

Monkeys could do a better job (no offense to monkeys)? :clap: ROFL! At least mine did arrive intact, with no dings to the outside box, with the spindle cover and bottom with no cracks (they were perfectly intact). Yeah, some kind of styrofoam on all 4 sides, with the spindle centered (where there’s one spindle ordered), then with styrofoam on top might be much better?

@gheto: how many DVDs you burn a week? You’ll be busy for a long time if you’re not burning tons already. :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you want to bet that Best Buy will have the 16x Verbatim 25 spindles for 9.99USD before you get thise shipped from Amazon.

Is verbatim better than ridata?


damm its 59 now :a

Comparing Verbatim with Ridata is like comparing Ferrari with Hyundai.

Well, I burn at least 2 discs a day, I download a lot of Korean and other Asian Movies along with “Movies”. I download on the average of 8 gigs a day, sometimes up to 20 gigs depend on the posters’ mood. So I have to burn them to disc daily or my HD gets full. And Most Asian Movies on Newsgroup, they also post the scan of the disc and thats why you see me mostly buying printable surface.

hehehe, I like your analogy Kenshin

ROFL! I love that comparison, Kenshin!

@gheto Then that’s a lot of burning! I have to depend on Netflix delivery for mine. Usually they’re pretty good, but the last few weeks they’ve been yanking my chain a little. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been buying a lot of movies too at Walmart, they have a great selection for $4.88. When I am out of money, I will stop participate in this forum, hehehe

should I get that or TY’s from shop4tech.com?

Hyundai is more consistent that Ridata. Perhaps a more apt comparison would be to Yugo?