100 verbatim 16x dvd-r (inkjet) $28.99 od



was at office depot this morn trying to pick up one of the 19” benq lcd’s for $129.00 (of course they had none). wandered over to blank media. in store special as stated, 100 pac verbatim 16x dvd-r white inkjet printable for $28.99. i don’t do the –r thing, but there was one 100 pac left.



To bad you don’t do the -R thing - those just happen to be great discs at a great price IMO-



i really like the verbatim +r’s (mcc03 & mcc04). all my burners get great scans with them.


Cmi, you might want to list those burners specifically, because I don’t get great burns with MCC003 on my Plextor px-716a (although it seems to be the poor write strat the 716 has than a fault of the DVD blanks, as they all appear to be in prime condition: no dye spotting, perfectly round inner hub, etc.)


hey que:
here’s burner list and firmware rev…
Optical Drives:
1 Benq 1620, B7V9
1 Benq 1620, B7U9
1 Benq 1620, B7V9
Maddog MD-16XDVD9A4, 1W4 (Nec modified firmware).
1 LiteOn 1633, BS41(i’ve given up on this drive for burning
since the other 3 drives smoke this burner in every way).

it seems as if my nec 3540 burns the mcc’s a little better than my benq’s. but all 3 of these drives produce execllent results. even with the cheap teon (mcc03’s).


hot damn, they were selling the Benq 19inch lcd for only 129.00?
for how long will they have that deal?


this was posted on deal site tues (19.jul.2005) night. limited to store stock. i was at od 7:45 am wed morn and was told the last one (floor model) was sold tues night. from what posts say, if ur in a larger city, they will all be gone (none avail online) and as of last night some people in more remote areas had still managed to snag one. good luck.


I went to three Office Depots and there were none.