100% UPS Uasage please help!

When ever I play a game and close it down there is a 98 - 99% CPU usgae its image name is svchost.exe and its in SYSTEM and the memory uasgae is 60,000k +. When I stop it I have no sound. Thanks. I am runing on Windows XP professional sp2.


Any help?

You can usally just type the name of a process into google and find lots of info. I don’t mean that in a snide way like you should google rather than asking, but rather just to inform you in case you were unaware, that you can usally google a process and get an accurate description of what a process is, what program it belongs to and what it does within the first couple of links google gives you (thats what I always do when wondering about a process).
svchost.exe is a windows process that is part of the operating system and you cannot disable/end it (it will cause problems with windows). It has to be allowed to run. I just checked my computer and that process is only taking 2,552 k and 0 cpu usage. I found when I googled that there is a worm that uses a file with that same identical name. Maybe you should try scanning your computer for infections (it would seem that your antivirus didn’t catch it if you have it). Try trend micros online scan, it is very good.

If it is infact not a virus and is the windows process, they you pretty much just have to let it use whatever resources it wants. It is not a process that you can disable. Also, since this seems like a windows vunarability, after you virus scan (and remove a virus/trojan if there is one), maybe you should make sure windows is updated.


SVChost is just a generic process that groups many small/low cpu use proggies under a single process. These many proggies would otherwise just waste many CPU cycles when they have nothing to do :wink:

Your soundcard drivers may be controlled by SVChost, and normally not used much, but may be under heavy use when playing a game, hence why SVChost is going nuts :wink:

I have done a virus and spyware scan with norton anti virus 2006 and spy sweeper but still 100% CPU problems, it happens all the time now even when I am online or burning a cd. Any more advice?


Bad drivers :wink:

Uninstall your sound card drivers. - Download the newest - Install the new drivers :wink:

Are you using a PCI 56K modem?


I had a motorola internal modem which caused the similar issues.

Also try uninstalling the modem drivers & download/re-install the latest drivers.


If you would like to know what service(s) are running in any of the svchost.exe’s
(I have 6 running) do the following …
go to Start > Run > type: cmd > OK
In the window that opens, type: tasklist /svc> C: asklist.txt (push Enter)
Note their are spaces on BOTH sides of /svc>

This will output a text file in root of your C:\ drive
Open up the file and find your svchost.exe’s (they may NOT all be in a row).
Look at the right side of the screen and observe the “Services” running for each svchost.exe.
To “Identify” each svchost.exe, look at the middle column (PID) number.
Now load game which causes problem.
Do your steps to “cause high CPU usage”
In TaskManager, “End Process” the svchost.exe with the high CPU usage (note it’s PID number).
Return to your tasklist.txt file you previously wrote to C:\ drive
Find the same svchost.exe you “End Process” in this previously written report. — WHAT SERVICES is it running. This could narrow down your search.

Opps …
Just remembered, above is native to XP Pro.
To run on XP home …
Download file Tasklist.exe (2nd in list)
Just place it in your c:\windows\system32 folder.

Thanks for all your help.

I did all that and this is what i found:

Image name PID Services

svchost.exe 988 AudioSrv, BITS, Browser, CryptSvc, Dhcp,
dmserver, ERSvc, EventSystem,
FastUserSwitchingCompatibility, helpsvc,
Irmon, lanmanserver, lanmanworkstation,
Netman, Nla, RasMan, Schedule, seclogon,
SENS, SharedAccess, ShellHWDetection,
srservice, TapiSrv, Themes, TrkWks, W32Time,
winmgmt, WZCSVC

any sugestions on what it could be?

AudioSrv is run from this scvhost, so I would start with dedro’s suggestion …

Bad drivers :wink:
Uninstall your sound card drivers. - Download the newest - Install the new drivers :wink:

Also look in “Event Viewer” … in Applications and System for additional info / clues.

an even better (easier) way, is to use Process Explorer by sysinternals: http://www.sysinternals.com/Utilities/ProcessExplorer.html

it is free, and works like the task manager, but you can expand processes such as svchost.exe to see what is being run, and what the cpu usage, memory usage, etc. is. (click the “show process tree” icon in the toolbar if it is not selected by default).

You can then find out exactly which process/subprocess is the cause, but I am in agreement that it is a bad driver.

Hello, I have been working on the 100% cpu explorer.exe issue all day, after reading several post that mentioned it was a hardware problem and that explorer.exe was spinning it’s wheels trying to look/work with the hardware, I decided to remove my pci cards and when I took out my sound card , volia, the 100% explorer cpu problem went away. :slight_smile: