100 TY 8x DVD-Rs (TYG02) for $31.95 shipped - no rebates

TY part number DVD-R47ZZSB8. In shrink wrap, no cakeboxes. :frowning:


$35.50 with free shipping

10% off coupon code MASW10P brings it down to $31.95 shipped.

Sure beats driving around from store to store trying to find TY’s retail,
IMHO. I wish I had all the hours back that I spent on the great TY hunt. :doh:

Something about this doesn’t ring true. The only silver TYG02 that I have seen come in shrinkwrap are the value line discs. If so then this isn’t that great of a deal as you can get the 8x TYG02 Value line in shrinkwrap for about $25 shipped from www.shop4tech.com after entering in the coupon code: CS10. I do find it odd that they display pics of cakebox TY and then say it comes in shrinkwrap.

These had better be the Premiums. As far as I can tell, the Value line
ones have different part numbers (DVD-R47[B]VAL[/B]600SK). Here is the
page for the Value line shrink-wrapped discs:


I’ll post an update when I receive them (which unfortunately might take
a while, since I’m on the opposite coast). :confused:

It’s just weird as no other site does the shrinkwrapped silvers outside of the value line. All of the silver top premium discs that I have seen come in cakeboxes. Not unless Meritline has something shady going on with these discs (wouldn’t be the first time for meritline).


How true-eh!!

The [I]normal[/I] way that Premium Taiyo Yudens are packaged as 50 piece cakeboxes - [I]not[/I] shrinkwrapped - I personally would stay [I]far[/I] away from these-eh!


Yeah, that is what I pointed out. They do seem to make a distinction between the value line and these discs but as mentioned you just don’t find the Premium Silvertop discs in shrinkwrap like that. Even Shop4tech and Supermediastore which dabble quite a bit in the value line discs don’t offer something like this. I want to make it clear that I am certainly not coming down on the value line discs. The TYG02 value line discs as a whole are great discs. It’s the fact that if these are indeed value line that they are overpriced and are being falsely advertised. That and of course you do run the chance of getting TYG03.

I hear ya about the TYG03 as compared to the TYG02 value lines. Maybe it’s just me or i got a good batch but my TYG03 value lines from Shop4Tech perform just as good as MCC004’s. I have never ever been able to get my MCC004 to look as pristine as some of the scans here. I usually get 500+ PIF’s and around 50K PIE’s burned @ 12x with MCC004. The TYG03’s i recently have are identical in performance to the MCC004 @ 12x with regards to the total PIE and PIF, with scores consistently in the 96-97 range.

I’ve only gotten TYG03 recently from Shop4tech. Not TYG02 :frowning:

Yeah, I have considered myself lucky with getting TYG02 but next time around I don’t think that I will press my luck. I will probably just spend a bit extra and get the Premium TYG02 from rima.

Yeah same here, my last 200 were TYG01’s, and while they burn 98% quality scores at 8x I won’t risk it that I might get TYG03’s.

It could just be a mistake…

*** UPDATE ***

I just received these discs today. To my surprise, the package contained
two 50-disc spindles instead of shrinkwrapped discs. As far as I can tell,
these are Premium Line TY’s. I just burned the first one, and the results
are acceptable - nothing like YUDEN 02’s in this burner, but better than
the SONY D21’s I bought recently. Hopefully the burns will get a bit better
with time as the 1650 gets used to them. Lot (?) number GG000128.

Burned at 8x with DW1650. SB/SB on/on, OS off, WOPC on

Anything near 50K for PIE totals with TYG02 is as good as it gets. Nice find.

I wonder why they listed them as being shrinkwrapped then?

Sloppy web work. In any case, Office Max and others routinely have Verbatim MCC 004 at $30 per 100 on sale so I prefer to wait and stock up when they do.

Yeah, but I hate the look of retail discs and prefer a clean surface. So, I love these. I just got a benq dw1650 today once I install it i’ll compare the above burn with my valueline.

Yo chas0039-

Best Buy currently has the Verbatim 16x +R MCC04’s 50 piece cakebox on sale for $15 through Saturday 07/15-eh!


Thanks Mike. I have enough for now, and I just spent my $25 weekend money on Acronis. Finally Newegg dropped the shipping again. I’m looking forward to getting the kinks out of my drive cloning.

Yo chas0039-

Spent my weekly $20 allotment from DW on Verbatim 16x +R MCC04 from Best Buy (took my own advice)-

Hope you like the Acronis True Image as much as I have over the years-eh!


Acronis True Image has to be one of the best software programs I have ever

Your going to love, it’s a real butt saver.