100% Taiyo Yuden error

LiteOn 52x24x52
LTR-52246S 6S0A

This Disc is designed for CD-RW/COMBO Drive Only.
Disc Type, Material = CD-R, Cyanine
ATIP Lead-in = 97m 24s 01f
Norminal Capacity = 702.83MB (79m 59s 72f)
Disc Manufacturer maybe = Taiyoyuden DX-dye
SMART-BURN Speed Limit = 52X

Manufacturer : Taiyo Yuden
Code : 97m24s01f
Disc Type : CD-R
Usage : General
Recording Layer : Dye Type 1: Long Strategy (Cyanine, AZO)
Recording Speed : n/a
Capacity : 79:59.72
703 MB
Additional Capacity : n/a
Overburn Capacity : not tested


Sorry, as your image isn’t viewable (because you can’t link to images hosted on Tripod) it’s quite hard to determine what program you used to check this :).

A little guess: are you perhaps using Nero CD Speed on a NForce2 based mainboard? If so, please update to the latest version of CD Speed (www.ahead.de) and try again.


go there to see the pic

Originally posted by synergybolt

go there to see the pic [/B]

Sorry, this link doesn’t seem to be working.

If you could supply us with the type of mainboard you have, we may have something to search on…

The shot indicates that you are running the DAE test. Was that your intent?

And the speed in the picture indicates 116x

What speed is the disc actually rated by the manufacturer? What speed did you use to burn the disc?