$100 Sony PS3 price cut possible in August

I just posted the article $100 Sony PS3 price cut possible in August.

Sony is reportedly preparing for another round of PlayStation 3 price cuts, as the company prepares for the release of the newest Madden NFL game from Electronic Arts.

The video game is scheduled…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/16039-100-Sony-PS3-price-cut-possible-in-August.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/16039-100-Sony-PS3-price-cut-possible-in-August.html)

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yes i would defintily buy the ps3 bros!!! of course not only since its the best console on the market, but also the best bluray player on the market with the fastest loading times and best player including video and audio and able to decode all audio formats and also one of the THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT 1 of the very very few players that is able to play DIVX AND A FEW OTHER POPULAR FORMATS that other players cannot!!! its the best and i definitly would be buying one if i did not already own 1, and by the way, I ALSO OWN A XBOX360, along with a wii! so like SPOCK from star trek, my conclusion is LOGICAL! and for everyone else, LIVE LONG AND PROSPER WITH YOUR PS3’S! THEY ARE THE BEST!

It’s clearly not the best blue ray player on the market just shows your bias for the PS3. Answer me this can it bit stream DTS-HD master audio? nope can not and never will unless Sony changes some hardware specs. It’s a very good blue ray player not the best. now if the price does drop $100 and if there is a game that only Sony carries that I can’t live without mayber God of war 3 then I’ll buy one.

Maybe a few people know what DTS-HD master audio is, but most people will notice that on a PS3, java menus only takes seconds to load versus a long time on standalones. If you listen to the folks who make BluRay menus, they’re often trying to balance their menu designs between what they know will work on a PS3, versus what may work (sluggishly) on the rest.

meh, this price cut is desperately needed, lets hope its not too late!!

i think that the bluray features are good on this machine, and its great for keeping movies(divx, WMV) on too!

hence why i bought a second one for the living room.

Excellent news!.

Does anyone know how much the UK price drop will be?, as these companies always use the $1=£1 when setting the original price up of these machines, but when it comes to price drops they always then suddenly turn around and say "well due to the exchange rate $1 doesn’t = £1. So we’re just knocking a tenner of it etc…

Hmmm, $100 price drop might get me thinking more about a player but I would really like a burner before I get a PS3 or something for the TV.

And since the PS3 has that cell processor, couldn’t they offer software support for DTS-HD? Or is it some kind of hardware implementation, seperate from a decoding problem?

The “best” blu ray player IMO is the one with the best picture, not fastest load times. So to me Panasonic make the best sub $500 blu ray players because they have the best picutre (I can’t comment on some high-end Denon, Pioneer or whatever…)

Wouldn’t mind picking one up, but not until they bring back PS2 compatability.

@ msmilam

Best Blu-ray player? Wait a minute… is Sony holding your family hostage? Blink once for yes, twice for no. LOL. That was quite a long Sony ad… err, I mean comment. I hope your cheque is worth the price of your soul, but I’m sure they throw in a few Sony rewards bucks in your pay envelope to make up the difference.

prices in the UK suck hard man. you’ve even got to buy a license to watch tv. it seems like a socialist welfare state - high taxes and rewarding the bums and illegals. The US pricing on just about all goods makes every other country look like rip off merchants.

No PS2 compatibility, NO PS3 in my home, period… And until “high” end model has a sub $200 pricetag, won’t likely be happening either.

For those wanting PS2 backwards compatibility > what PS2 games are you actually want to play?

All the good PS2 games have better sequels on the PS3 meaning no reason to go back, God of War 1&2 I can give you but GOW3 is due out in a few months making that argument soon obsolete too.

This is about the lamest argument I’ve ever seen.

So older games are pointless now because they’ve been replaced by shinier, prettier sequels?

I doubt you would know a good video game if someone bashed you over the head with one.

@ LucentT

Right on, brother. Old games rock. I still play some games that require the CPU power of a digital watch. Command HQ, anyone? Newer/prettier games don’t necessarily mean better games.

@LucentT and @DukeNukem

If what I said above is the lamest argument you’ve ever heard, it must be the first argument you’ve ever heard as I would say its a very good argument.

We are talking about buying a $400 or $300 system that plays “shinier” games. You don’t need the power of the PS3 or Xbox360 or even Wii for those old good games you speak of so why would people buy the consoles just to play old games.

So good luck with your Atari 2600 and all the great games you play, while people buying these extravagant machines just for shiny looking games with new fangled remakes with superb graphics can buy the PS3

Also you still have not named the PS2 games worth all this fuss that do not have upgraded PS3 sequels.

If you already have a PS2, what’s the point of having a PS3 to play them?

hows this for an argument?

nukem = anti sony

Was it that obvious? I really tried to hide the hatred this time.

:yeah, it was actually, but then again duke what do you like?:stuck_out_tongue: