100 Ritek + DVR-108 = 30 Coasters!

At first I blamed myself for burning at high speed then I dropped all the way down to 4xSpeed and I still get coasters with my Pioneer DVR-108 & Ritek DVD media.

I have now updated the Firmware to v1.20 so I hope this will now solve the problem.

Please let me now if what I have experienced to be a common problem with old Firmware on DVR-108 so I may rest assured.


after updating firmware i tried 12xSpeed and got another “burn process error”

ritek = crap media. Go buy some quality media and your problems should be gone…

whats good media these days that are easily available and dont cost any more than Ritek?

can you reccomend? CMC OK?

Nice crosspost. I responded to your other thread.


Buy some Verbatim Advanced Azo, Taiyo Yuden or Sony.

I never had a coaster using Ritek G05 (8x DVD-R) on my 107D.

That might be, but the 107 is different fromthe 108, not to mention the firmwares and strategies…

Have a look at www.videohelp.com in the DVD MEDIA section…

And don´t forget that Ritek sometimes have big quality-differences