100 Ridata 8X DVD+R $34.99 (before $10 MIR) Free ship-Newegg



Newegg Ridata 8X +R

Labor Day Week Special, available now.


Sorry, didnt see the rebate.



Word of caution - the quality of Ritek/Ridata has severely decreased in the last 7-9 months-

If you read the reviews - there is a story in there-

I would not take them - even if they were giving them away-



I second that!!


ritek was good? lol

after 4x media ritek went down hill


Don’t bother to buy the blanks, I’ve got over 100 movies already on Ridata discs; of course you won’t won’t be able to read/play them anymore. But hey, all I’m asking is you to pay my shipping costs. :bigsmile:

In truth, the +R’s hold up better than the -R’s. Still pretty bad media though. Just say “NO” to this company and maybe they’ll get the message.


It’s possible to get RICOHJPNR02 with those Ritek 100 disc spindles, according to the user reviews.


I wasn’t sure about posting the deal, but trying to find a definitive review of these media has been difficult. The user reviews on Newegg were variable. I did not order any, I’m stocked up from the TY deal posted previously.



Smart move on the Taiyo Yudens-eh!

I personally have over 400 from the “deals” over the past several months - mostly the TYG02’s (300+) and the TYG01’s (about 55 left) - which means that I won’t even have to think about blank discs for a while - let alone Ritek/RiData