$100 Rebate Doubtful For Hanns-G 19" Monitor at PC Connection



FYI – Those of you who purchased the Hanns-G 19" LCD Monitor (JC199DPB) from PC Connection back in January may have difficulty getting your rebate. (Original post - 19" LCD Monitor $100 - AMIR + $17.33 Shipping )

I just checked my rebate status and was disappointed to see the following message:
Please be advised: Parago, Inc. is a provider of rebate processing services for its clients. As a rebate processor, Parago works on behalf of Wintergreen Systems to receive mail, perform data entry services, receive customer service calls, print checks, and perform other services associated with its promotions. For the submission in question, Parago performed data entry on the submission, and forwarded the information to Wintergreen Systems for approval and funding. To date, Parago has not received such approval and funding from Wintergreen Systems. Until Wintergreen Systems forwards additional funding for the promotion in question to Parago, Parago will not be able to mail any additional consumers checks under the promotions. We apologize for any frustration this has caused, and will process the reward as soon as we are provided the required funding and approval by Wintergreen Systems. In the interim, we suggest you contact Wintergreen Systems directly, at:

Wintergreen Systems
2510 Sterling Avenue
Elkhart, IN 46516
(574) 295-9054 ext. 110

Never heard of Wintergreen Systems. Guess you never know who you are dealing with when it comes to rebates. :sad:


I agree bought my Hannsg 19" LCD from office depot in Dec 06 with $90 rebate
Just got the same message Going back to Office Depot to see about a gift card ( worth a try) win some loss some Like the monitor Probably won’t have spent that much for it with out the rebate tho
Wait an see


Update. Found an e-mail address (KathyPlake@wintergreensys.com) on another web site and here is an auto response I got.

We have received your email. If you have not previously contacted us please provide your name, mailing address, phone number, RebatesHQ tracking number if one was provided and place of purchase.

Parago/RebatesHQ processed rebates, operated the website and toll free number for products distributed by Wintergreen Systems. At this time we are also unable to verify your claim as Parago/RebatesHQ retains possession of the data needed to do so. We will try to respond to your email request as quickly as we can but be advised due to overwhelming response there will be unavoidable delays. We are working with Parago and our vendors to remedy this issue. All valid claims will be honored.

Thank you.
Wintergreen Systems


I’m kinda glad we don’t get rebates as a rule in the UK…seems like a bit of a gamble. Nice when it goes OK, but a pain when it doesn’t, or you have to chase stuff up.


I only buy things with a rebate if they are a deal without it just in case I never get it.

Many here live on rebates and keep good records and it really makes it a deal if you win more than you lose.

Even though I have only bought about 10 things over the years with rebates I have always gotten mine.


There is a discussion about this on the fatwallet site in their rebates forum. Parago is the clearing house. They claim they got stiffed by wintergreen (distributer). Apparently they are old pros at this and have been investigated by the Indiana attorney general before and are being investigated again. PC Connection has made good on some of the rebates but noe are saying wait till the 14 week mark. Give PC Connection a call and see what they say 1-800-800-2222. Wintergreen also handles Connect3D and people are claiming they are getting stiffed on those products also.


What a drag guys. Sorry to hear about this.


I feel you guys
OD and rebates = good luck


My name is John M. XXXXXXXXXX. I purchased a Hanns-G HU196 monitor from Office Depot on the 30th of August 2006, qualifying me for a $100.00 rebate. I mailed all the required proof of purchase items and the rebate form on the 29th of September via certified mail, and that certified mail was received in El Paso at 11:18 am on October 3rd 2006, (The postmark on September 29th ensured I had met that deadline for submission.)

After waiting some time I contacted RebatesHQ via phone to inquire about my rebate, and was told that it was not received. (This is a lie as I have proof given me by the United States Postal Service that it was in fact received on the 3rd of October at 11:18 am. That proof is attached along with all of my other proof to this e-mail.) I was asked to FAX the information, which I did at a cost of $1.00 pert page. 5 pages in total.

I contacted RebatesHQ a couple weeks later to be sure they had received my fax and that my rebate was being processed. They AGAIN, claimed that my submission had not been received! The customer service representitive at that time, voided the original submission, and entered a new customer service generated submission that I was assured would be processed. That was MONTHS ago.

Now, here I am being told I have yet another hoop to jump through. I apologise for the fact that I cannot use kinder language as I am sure the person reading this was in no way involved before this, but I am at the end of my rope. This is some truly unsavory business practice here, and this is the last straw. If no-one is going to work with me to get the rebate to me that I have been waiting on for 1/2 a year now, I will be talking wuith the Federal Trade Comission, my credit card issuer, Office Max management, and anyone else whom I think can help me to persure legal action.

Please, let the games stop here and just do what is right. I am a disabled adult with very little money at my disposal, but all the time in the world. I will persue this matter to the bitter end.

Attached are all the documents up until this point. I have saved copies of EVERYTHING. I sincerely hope that this is the last action I need to take to get the rebate I have been entitled to all along. I am trying my best to provide everything you could possibly need to expidite that. Please feel free to contact me if there is anything else I can provide you, or if you need the attached proof in a file format other than jpg.

Thank you,

12791 XXXXXXX Rd #2

[B]We’ll see what actualy happens



Isn’t this relating to an Office Depot deal? Woops :stuck_out_tongue: Nicely written otherwise.

Good Luck, I hope you all get treated properly in the end. If you get nowhere, I’d go directly to the store manager and see if they can come to a resolution with you.


Was ordered online. None-the-less, I can call a regional manager or something, provided I call the right place! lol Oh brother. :doh: That of approach it via e-mail and see how high up the food chain that goes. In the end, I assure you, VICTORY WILL BE MINE!

I should have noted that, that email was sent to rebates@wintergreensys.com per the recorded instructions you get when you call the number and extention in the original post. ((574) 295-9054 ext. 110)



This is an excellent phrase , we have a saying here in Egypt : no right is lost as long as there is somebody claiming it :flower:


That is why I rather to pay little more than going with price which involve with MIR. I have been waiting to 4 full months for my $20 “EASY” MIR from “STAPLES”. Avoid MIR as much as possible in long run will not pay.


I really like that. Thanks for sharing it with me. :slight_smile: Truer words were never spoken.



Yo Johnny-

Turn them in to the Postal Inspectors - you can do it online - that way you have the Certified Mail receipt as proof of their attempt at fraud - which is a serious postal violation and a felony to boot-eh!


I guess I’m one of the lucky ones. I ordered a Hanns-G from OD back
in August 2006 and, after repeated calls and emails, finally received
the $100 check last month - 170 days after submitting the rebate.

Of course everyone’s luck runs out - I just submitted my rebate for a
1 gig Connect3D SD card from OD, which might end up costing me $32
instead of $2. :a


Yeah, I tend to agree. I’ve gotten most of my rebates, but a rebate is rarely the reason for buying a product for me. If it comes with one, fine I’ll send it in. But I won’t worry about it if it doesn’t come.


yeah, same here. rebates are the last reason i buy something. like one of you said, i get something if it is a deal even without a rebate. good luck to you all tho. sorry to hear about this.


Bought a Hannsg 19" monitor in dec 2006 from office depot with$ 90.00 rebate
which I didn’t get
Went to OD they had me email
Received rebate by mail ten days later
Hope this helps others


I do not even fool around with sending in a MIR I just buy from the cheapest place to
start with that has a better price to start with without having to mess with a MIR. The
MIR waiting game just isn’t for me I’d rather get the best price right now than pay more
and hope to receive the rebate to save a few dollars off what I already paid for the item.
The rebate game is one of the biggest con games there is they sucker you in making you
think you’re going to get a great deal when you receive the rebate but very seldom do you
ever get the rebate from them and you end up paying more in the long run. :rolleyes: :doh: