100 pieces 8x DVD+R only £10.99

Has anyone tried these? need general purpose disc

Yellow Top 8x DVD+R (CMC Dye)


Thanksin advance for input

These might be CMC MAG E01, which is okay. CMC’s +R discs are far better than their -R (made under their own code) are. Of course, Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden make nicer discs, but CMC will be okay if your burner supports it well (older Pioneer models, for example, will have problems with CMC discs).

I like CMC, they can be good in some burners that support them well. I have several CMC discs, all over a year old, and still going strong, all CMC MAG E01’s and CMC MAG F01’s.

I’ve never had any problems with CMC media. My CMC MAG E01s are still doing fine (well over a year old). My LG drives, and my LiteOn 1693S seem to like them.

I’d recommend TY or MCC for backup, but since you say it’s for general purpose, I think you’d be fine. :slight_smile:

It really depends on your burner. CMC MAG. AE1 burns really well on an LG GSA-4163B, better than CMC MAG E01, in fact. I’ve discovered that CMC discs also seem to have grades. The cheaper stuff burns with more PIFs, but are still very decent.

Hmm… something doesn’t make sense about that ad. The heading says :

Yellow Top 8x DVD+R (CMC Dye)

but the description says :

This is a Plain Yellow top 16x DVD+R from the same factory as Fuji , Verbatim, Datawrite which came about as a cancelled order from one of these brands…

  • so are those 16x or 8x discs? Most writers don’t handle CMC 16x DVD+R discs (CMC MAG M01) as well as the 8x DVD+R version.

  • also, aren’t Fuji discs were made by Prodisc rather than CMC? Or have I got my wires crossed?

I have a pile of those here (Infiniti branded) that my 4163B (A106) seems to like. :slight_smile:

I purchased 100 to try out :stuck_out_tongue:

[U][B]Test results - recorded @8X in Nec 4551 with L&D 1-Z2 firmware [/B] [/U]

[B]Conclusions to my gamble[/B]
I burned 2 with video and viewed them the whole way through, I experienced fluid rewind and fast forward, responsive chapter selections, no video slow down or stcking what so ever. I think for an outlay of 10p/20c each for 100 this is a decent result so far :smiley:

Hehe, not bad at all - I just purchased some HP-branded CMC E01s, my burners seem to like them too. :slight_smile:


Lets have a look :slight_smile:
Where did you purchase?

OK, gimme burning/scanning time, and I’ll show ya :slight_smile:

Purchased at a local computer fair, and yeah I paid more than you did (£5 for 25, bought 2 spindles). :slight_smile:

OK, here ya go. Burned on an LG4163B (A106) @8x…the first pic is a TRT in the 4163, since it’s my pickiest reader.

The second pic is the actual scan. :slight_smile:


Good comparable results, with the acception of the the transfer test, though you use a different speed.

I am glad I have an alternative media to buy that works well, will come in handy when poverty sets in :wink: LOL

I find the E01s are just peachy for everyday use, which is why I bought some more (I was 90% sure they’d be CMC when I bought them). As mentioned above, I have some from over a year back, can still pull all the data off them :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile:
All my Infiniti 16x media is MCC. MCC 004(+) or MCC 03RG20(-). Was your CMC Infinitis’ a recent purchase?
BTW I just got a load of TY media today from SVP.

Hi :slight_smile:
Seems expensive, especially when you consider that Ifiniti 16x MCC media is the same price. :iagree:
P.S. You have to get there early for the MCC, so no cat naps next time. :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:

Uhhh, about a month back? My neighbour picked up 2 Infiniti spindles for me, one was MCC004, the other CMC MAG M01. Tested the M01s on my 4163B, I was pretty pleased with the result :bigsmile:

Nice job on the TY :iagree:

Edit: and since Mark is the one with the car, I had to go when he was prepared to go :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile: