100 pc Fuji DVD-R printable for $28.38


good price but they’re Made in Taiwan… :Z

This is an excellent deal. I might become a member just to always take advantage of this. Do they charge shippiong fee’s?

BTW, all the latest Fuji 8x -R have usually been ProdiscF01, which has been pretty good lately and I have not noticed any problems with them.

These can also either be TYG02 or FUJIFILM03.

What is even better there is no markings on the front of these, which I like. Fuji always has to much going on on there discs.

They can’t possibly be TYG02 if they are made in Taiwan. Only the Fujis made in japan are TYG02. As of late MIJ Fuji DVD-R media seems to be disappering and last I checked all of the 100 packs were Taiwanese made. I am with drpino on this one. Prodisc seem to work great with some people and other people have nothing but problems with them.

no speed specified, so I think they are 4X and most Fuji 4X are Taiwan made. Most 8X Fuji are Jap made and they are TY, some are Taiwan made and they are prodisc. Thanks for the post, I’ve been looking for the HQ printable media. Now I have to ask around to see if any of my friends have the membership card.

from what i’ve seen -R Fuji lately have been MIT (like Jesterrace said, MIJ -Rs are becoming rarer these days) and +R have been 50/50 MIJ/MIT.

Yup, that is what I have found as well.

Speed is specified in the item description:

DVD-R 100 pc. bulk spindle
Printable silver thermal surface
Compatible with thermal printers
8X write speed
Perfect for recording and storing home movies, television programming, computer data, Internet downloads, multimedia programs, music, photographs, and more
DVD-R discs achieve a high level of performance, durability and long archival life
4.7GB or 120 minutes of storage

still MIT :stuck_out_tongue:

You know, I swear I have seen a similar description on the likes of Princo or Sonic DVD-R.

Eh, normal media selling lingo. Fuji media isn’t terrible regardless of media code and type at least. I’m not a member of Sam’s so I can’t pick up a spindle unfortunately or I probably would. :slight_smile:

I see you picking up on all the specials. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t you have enough blanks yet. I need some, why don’t you send them to me. I’m almost out of the blanks I give away :cool: :wink: .

I wish I was a member also. I would have probably bought to packs. Instead I ordered 100 from shop4tech for $28.80 shipped hopefully they are not b grade.