100-Packs of Ritek RiData Super Grade 16X DVD-R for $44 is it worth it on my 3500?




How good are these with the Nec-3500?or the benq-1640. I’m not really a fan of ridata anymore after I found out about the fuji made in japan dvds.

or was this alrdy talked about and I just suck at searching for them on the forum?


talked about a lot, if you search for “What happened to Ritek?” and something like “Ritek degradation.”

If you can still get the Fuji 25, 30 or 50-pk Made In Japan DVDs (mid yuden000t02-00), get them. Riteks carry no warranty, also, whereas at least if the Fujis somehow fail, there’s a lifetime warranty with those. :wink:


Well, case dismissed. Thank you jury for your help. Have a pleasant day.


Believe it or not, try your local Sam’s Club (or 2). I have 3 within about 30 minute drive of my house. Each store’s selection was slightly different. I’ve seen 8X Maxell, 8X Fuji (Prodisc) and 16X Verbatum, + and -, printable and non, all in the $.38- $.44 per disk range. I think I’ve seen Sony as well, but non-printable. I don’t care much for the Prodisk Fuji’s, but the Maxell are great and hub-printable and about $.38! No shipping, no rebates, etc. If they only had some printable TY… My current main burners are NEC 3500 and BenQ 1620.


Yes, but be careful of the Fuji’s, as they are clearly marked as “Made in Taiwan” and hence, ProdiscF01, which are not impressing anyone with their burns (very average at best). Out of that group, I would take the Verbatims, although it’s not a ‘lock’ you’ll get a top-of-the-line spindle… I would check the Maxells, as they are likely from Taiwan and therefore RitekG05 mid–and therefore junk waiting to fail within 2 weeks, 2 months or on the outside, 1 year. :frowning:


If you go for TYG02 or YUDEN000 T02 and burn at 12X you can get very good quality burns, only spend a minute or so more time, and get MUCH better quality than “60 day” Ritek.

Almediaoutlet.com has Burnmaster, genuine TY, at less than $40 delivered. I have used the +R and it is the best media I have yet to burn.


And I thought it was just me who wasn’t all that impressed with the Prodisk Fuji’s. :wink:

The -R 8X Maxells are MXL RG03. I’m very impressed with these on my 3500 with both PIE and PIF under 10, although the PIF seem greater (1400 total). The 16X -R Verbatums are MCC 03RG20. Although the PIF scan’s are very low (7 spike, 400 total) the PIE seem a little high with a chunk of 30-50 spikes in the beginning of the disk. And they were a little more expensive - $.39 vs $.41. Both are better then today’s Ritek and Prodisk. I’m sure I’ll get these Maxells again, as they scan ALMOST as good as my TY’s did. And they are hub printable. Unfortunately, I only found them at 1 of the area Sam’s, so they may or may not be in your area.