100-Pack Verbatim DVD Media - $24.99 at Officemax


Tasty…but I’ve got enough for now.

If only they were printable at that price. :sad:

If I asked a friend to buy them online , is there any chance that they would turn out to be the horrible MII ?

MIT Verbatim can be horrible too - in fact, all disc types can be horrible. :frowning:
It is possible as MII media has shown up in the US only recently, but from what I heard it was mostly 50 disc packs?

In my experience, the 100 pack discs are never as prestine as the smaller 25 and 50 packs… it is risky. That said, the last few 100 packs I had were not horrible either.

Oh, almost forgot, use the following coupon in-store with a small filler, and get them for only $15:

OfficeMax $10off$25 Coupon

I noticed the +R to be more consistent in quality. The -Rs show a lot of variations…just my $0.02.

Thank you for the heads up , but I have two questions :
-Do we have to get the actual coupon or can just print it ?
-It says : Not Valid on sale or clearance-priced merchandise , and thus it can’t be applied to the , already on-sale Verbatims , is that right or I don’t clearly understand ?

  1. Just print it out, preferably on card stock or in color on glossy paper.

  2. Coupons say lots of things all the time. In the United States, those hunting for deals usually ignore that. Fine-print is rarely enforced. Just go ahead and use it. The key to deal shopping is having a sense of entitlement. This is how we do things in America.

Thank you very much for this :flower:

I just asked my brother in TN to get me 200 Verbatim MCC004 for 30$ (you can’t beat that)

I asked him to print the coupon clearly but I think he only has ordinary paper.
I just wanna know whether he should print the whole coupon or cut them into two , 10 off 25 and 20 off 50 :bigsmile:

I cut mine in two. :bigsmile:

Tell your brother to check the clearance section for any External I/O Magic DVD Burners w/LightScribe. They had one at my store for $60. The $20off$50 would bring it down to $40. The reason they are on clearance is because the 16x drives, which are BenQ DW1655s, are being replaced with 18x drives. Of course, most people have no idea what is inside, so they think that 18x is better than 16x. :bigsmile:

BTW, just so you know, at my store, all of the +R 100-packs were Prodisc (short lip, sans serif font, no rectangle), and all of the -R 100-packs were CMC (tall lip, serif font, rectangle).

You are thinking of the DL Verbatims. :wink: All of the single layer Verbs that I have found are all MIT.

I told my brother to get me the MIT ones and he said : No , I’ll get you MIJ ones :bigsmile:
I had a hard time convincing him that Verbatim has no MIJ media in the USA and he said : well , then I’ll get you Sony MIJ from Sears even at higher price :doh:

Thank you for the tip :flower:
I don’t think I am gonna need Benq 1655 for that price , it is still available here for about 30$ :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the CMC vs Prodisc Verbatims , maybe I should tell him to get me one 100 pack of DVD+R and one DVD-R :bow:

I haven’t bought any Verbs for a while. I’m not exactly sure how to tell the Prodiscs form the CMC. Could someone explain the “High lip” and the “rectangle” or guide me to a post that does. :frowning:

^Negritude just explained it… Prodisc (short lip on the top edge of the spindle, Helvetica font [for the words Open/Close], no rectangle on top of the spindle) & CMC (tall lip, Times font, rectangle). There really isn’t much else to say!

The “Verbatim For Dummies way to tell the difference” – Just look at the font. Prodisc always has the Helvetica font for the words Open/Close on the top of the spindle. CMC always has the Times font. It never fails and you can tell within seconds.

Posted by Dalen Quaice

Just look at the font. Prodisc always has the Helvetica font for the words Open/Close on the top of the spindle.

This method has been foolproof for me. You can tell with almost 100% certainty. The Office Max spindles by me are all Prodisc.:sad:

No, single-layer MII Verbatims have shown up at Best Buy in the United States.

Oh, I should add that in one of the threads around here, someone mentioned that sometimes CMC disks will come in a Prodisc cakebox, and that this specific exception usually only occurred in the 100-packs. So it’s possible that some of those cakeboxes have CMCs in them, but I’m not sure how to tell. I think someone said something once about the color of the packaging being slighly different as another indicator.

Yes, Alan, too bad they are not all PAP6, eh! :flower: