100 pack Verbatim 16x +R spindle: $10.18 AR and GCO at Buy.com


Right now, looks like they are sold out but they have gotten additional stock in on other items, so there is some hope.

Is this good media?

My burners are:

  • NEC 3500a
  • Plextor PX-740 (rebadged Benq 1640)
  • Lite-on SHW-160P6S-04

This link seems to work better for me.

Good eye. Does anyone know if these are MCC :slight_smile: or Prodisc? :Z

I may have read before that all the +R 16x are MCC.

They’re all MCC004, manufactured by either CMC, Prodisc, or MBI. CMC-made MCC004 are generally the most desirable, although you’ll usually get good results from any of the 3 sources.

I have purchased two different batches of Verbatim MCC 004 made by CMC in the last 2 months. The first had very high PIF error totals and the second had very high PIE error totals. They are usable but certainly no where near as good as those in the past. I switched to MCC 03RG20s from Prodisc and they are near perfect, although these only burn well on my LG drives.

Hopefully, Verbatim will return to high quality soon.

:frowning: Still OOS


My 100-disc spindle of CMC-made MCC004 from Sam’s Club is about as average a batch of the MID as you’ll find (meaning solid results on all my burners), so it just depends on the particular discs you get.

They are back. http://www.buy.com/prod/verbatim_100pack_spindle_8x_dvd_r_4_7gb_94985/q/loc/14982/10375401.html

looks good but I will have 300 discs ordered and not received yet

Those are 8X dash R. The 16X plus R still aren’t in stock.

I went ahead and jumped on 1 pack of the 8X -R’s. It seems to me that the quality of even the media’s we have come to regard as really good stuff has been falling off a bit in the past couple months here. I wonder if it’s because companies are focusing more on gearing up for this next generation Blu-Ray and the other one.

Anyway, I’m gonna try a spindle of this stuff. I hate rebates, but what the heck, even without the rebate it’s not a terrible price, and WITH the rebate, it’s $12/100. I like it.