100 Pack TDK 16x DVD-R $10 After $14 Rebate at NewEgg

100 Pack TDK 16x DVD-R $23.99 with free 3 day shipping

$14 -R rebate form:

The +R also has a $14 rebate but the price is $25.99 and shipping is $6.41 at this time.

$14 +R rebate form:

A quick check on Videohelp.com shows 5 comments for MediaID “CMC MAG. AM3” and 39 comments for “TTH02”.


And after reading these - you probably wouldn’t want to waste your hard earned money on these either-eh!

Why buy these CMC’s if you can get them from Stapes for a song (usually during the holiday season). What was it last year - $3.99 per 50 after the coupon? It seems that the 16x are inferior to the older 8x disks.

I’m not even getting decent scans on the Verbatim MCC004’s anymore. As a Lite-On owner, I usually stay awaw from the -R’s from all manufacturers, but even the Verbatim +R’s don’t seem to have the quality they did last year.

Then what is your option? WHat do you suggest? :bigsmile:
Is there any media that works on yours? :bigsmile:

I probably should have bought about 10 more spindles of the Verbatim MCC004’s that were being sold last year.

Right now, I’m getting excellent burns with my Sony TY 02’s (8x +R’s). For some reason, any disk that I buy that’s 16x compatible doesn’t seem to give me what one would consider even good scans. Perhaps it’s the disk, the Lite-On firmware (CS0T), or I just need a new drive.

Has anyone had scans that are excellent with 16x disks (and are as good as the ones they got with the 8x disks)?

Right now, I would recommend buying 8x TY +R’s if you can find them.

I get good results on my DW1650 with TDK 16x DVD-R. About as good as MCC004. I always burn at 8x as a matter of course.

Nothing I have burned, other than my LG perfect scan, has been as good as YUDEN000 T02 scans. The next best have been Prodisc made MCC 004 at 12X on a Pioneer 111L and 16X on an LG 4166. This has not been true on the MCC 004 Verbatin made lately which can range from Good to Pretty bad.

I agree, when the TY 8X +R is gone, very high quality scans will be hard to come by.

There have been some excellent scans of BenQ 16x +R (DAXON AZ3) burns posted by C0deKing and others, but I’ve never been able to find BenQ 16x media anywhere.

I did not mean to imply that there were no other 16X media/burner combinations that would turn out high quality burns. I was just speaking from my own experience. As you have pointed out, Daxon media is hard to find.