100 Pack Taiyo Yuden TYG02 Printable 8X DVD-R $28

Supermediastore has 15% off 100 Pack Taiyo Yuden White Inkjet Hub Printable 8X DVD-R at $28 via coupon “techbargains15” Exp 4/11

Doh, $6.40 for shipping plus tax = almost $37 bucks for me in CA. Not a great deal at all for Value Line TY02.

Fark no. I don’t know why people keep posting these so called meritline and supermediastore “deals” when you can regularly get the value TY from shop4tech for $25.20 shipped after instant coupon code and the premium 100 packs of gauranteed 8x TYG02 from www.rima.com for less than $39 shipped. Value line can still be 4x. EDIT Whoops, just noticed that they were Ink Jet Printable. So not such a bad deal, but having value media listed at 8x makes me wary since there are still a bunch of 4x spindles floating about out there.

I just saw this …too bad the coupon has expired.

Even without the coupon this is the best deal I’ve seen so far on these [B]printable TY[/B] even if they are value line. I just may order some

Why can’t the +R ever be on sale :a

Thanks man