100-pack Office Depot brand DVD Media - $14.99 - 08/31/08 to 09/06/08


Beginning Sunday, the 100-pack of Office Depot brand 16x DVD media will be on sale for $14.99.

As most of you know, the good stuff is RICOHJPN R03 with DO110 or DO127 hub codes. The problem is finding it.

The 100-pack of Office Depot brand CD-R media is also on sale, for $9.99. The CD-Rs are made by Ritek, and they’re the same quality as the 100-pack of Maxell CD-Rs, which are also made by Ritek.

Very nice… my local store had some Ricoh packs the last time I was there- I’ll swing by Sunday and see if they are still there. :slight_smile:

Yes, let us know if it is still available. Thanks :cool:

I use to like ricoh years ago, is this media any good? I would love to see a scan.

Here’s a post: http://club.cdfreaks.com/2084987-post10.html

And for general RICOHJPN R03 scans, check the Ricoh thread in the Blank DVD Media Test forum: http://club.cdfreaks.com/f76/

The last OD media I bought was JPNR03, but was clearly a collection of factory seconds. Threw away maybe 15 out of 50 due to blems in the dye. Also was a mix of different revisions of R03. Buyer beware with this stuff, consider it throw-away media.

I found only one 100 pack of RicohJPNR03 out of ~10 packs on the shelf - the last one in the rear as if someone had put it back. :slight_smile:

Dalen, hope you don’t mind me posting your previous posts, but it will be helpful for my co-newbies reading this thread:

Posted Here.
Read the batch code through the top of the spindle, right next to the stacking ring. It can be hard to see… a magnifying glass is a good idea, but you’ll look silly standing there in the store doing it.

All of these are RicohJPNR03:

DO124xxxxxxR is RitekR05.

And here.

Thanks for reposting those…so I don’t have to repeat myself! :wink:

Mine were Ritek F16

[quote=gruggs;2119706]Mine were Ritek F16[/quote]You have my deepest sympathy! :flower:

Like Dalen, I only found one pack of RICHOJPN out of about 20 Ritek F16’s. Also picked up a 100 pack of CDs too for $9.95

[QUOTE=gruggs;2119706]Mine were Ritek F16[/QUOTE]

My NEC/Optiarc AD-7200A/S actually burn the F16’s quite well. They are the only burners that seem to have a decent write strategy for this media.