100 pack of Ritek G05's for $34.20 - good deal?

I was looking for a really good deal on these 8x Riteks. I need about 300. 200 for me and 100 as a B-Day gift for my cousin who also loves these Ritek. They’ve been good to both of us, virtually no coasters. I just read I can get a 100 pack for $34.20 if I use a 10% discount coupon code @ checkout ‘DNS10’ is the code. I haven’t ordered yet b/c I figured i’d get a little feedback on the price first. From everything i’ve checked it seems sweet, especially when I can buy 300 for right at $100 shipped. Sounds kinda crazy for “300” Ritek G05’s, no? Thx in advance.

Discs link here: http://www.shop4tech.com/user.htm?go=view_item&id=2764&cata=1&s_cata=88_r33

Good deal not amazing but the bulk discount saves you about 5 bucks per 100 over what you can get them from newegg for. If you know the seller is reliable then go for it, other wise I would eat the 15 bucks and get them from newegg.com where I know they’ll be good.

if u like and trust the g05’s, remeber, maybe now there decent, but the early g05 was crap, ritek said they fixed the issuses, but buyer beware