100-Pack of Maxell DVD Media - $9.00 After 55% Off Coupon - Office Depot



This week, a 100-pack of Maxell media is $19.99:


If you’re an OD rewards club member, you may have received a booklet in the mail a week or two ago that contains a coupon for 55% off all Maxell media. Applying the coupon, which is good from July 22 to 26, to the sale price of the media, brings it down to $9.00.

Now I know that Maxell has fallen off in recent years, but there are a couple of worthy MIDs mixed in with all the junk: RICOHJPN R03 (+R) and PRODISCF02 (-R). If you can find spindles that contain either of those, the $0.09 per disk price is way more than worth it.


REALLY wish i would have this coupon. argh. local OD has at least 10pks on the shelf. I was able to print the coupon. but because it has no barcode/number on the front, they would not take it. did not have the back of course. most nice for those who do get it tho.