100 NO NAMES (POMSC001002) for 35 euro; Any experience with 811?


I was thinking of buying 100 NO NAMES (POMSC001002) for 35 euro (www.nierle4.com). I searched this forum but couldn’t find any info.

Does anyone have a good experience with these DVD’s?

I own a 811 burner.


Lite on? no name media? I dunno man. but hey, u got guts, knock urself out. just make sure u have space if they come out coasterised.

Thank you very much for your wise words!
It was very technical, but very well told.

I can’t express how much your words mean to me.

For your information: I burned many DVD’s with my Lite-on burners. ‘‘Even’’ the 811’s are doing a great job! You just need to feed them with good media. I use bulkpaq for the - and RITEC (JPNR01) for the +.

But I never close my eyes for new media with a good price-quality.
And there I am back again with my question.

Is there anyone who really can contribute with experience?

sorry if it sounded like I was having a go, I meant nothing by it and not to sound like a wise ass.
I too have a lite on and it didnt do well with no name media, but since I don’t know urs in particular, I said I don’t know how they’d do.
When I said u got guts, I didn’t mean anything by that either, sorry for how that may have come across. I said that because ur one of the first people that I knew who had their drive modded to 811 and by saying u had guys I meant u were a pioneer.
When I said make sure u have space if they get coasterised, I only meant don’t buy them ‘expecting’ them to work, but rather hoping, and then if they did then we’d find something that works well with our drives.
So once again, sorry for how it came out but I was just in a joking mood.

In fact DVD+R discs with the POMSC001002 mediacode burn relative well with a 811. I have good experience with the Brand Maxdisc with the same mediacode and the 811 bought by cdrwinkel.com in Belgium. (Unfortunately two weeks closed because of vacation)

See: http://www.cdrlabs.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=13405&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=pcmagazin&start=25

The post from Halc, its about a test taken from a german magazine.


"WORST drives (in order of performance as rated by me based on burn test results)

  1. Sony DRU-530 / only really burns ok on Ritek R02 and MCC002 (both DVD+R). REally bad drive
  2. LiteOn LDW-811s / only really burns good on TYG01 (DVD-R), Ritek G04 (DVD-R), POMSC001 (DVD+R) and Ritek R02 (DVD+R). IMHO, not a trustworthy drive."

These discs are made by 3A Media an Austrian Company. Herrie the NEC firmware guy is also familiar with the media from this company and if I’m right he thinks it is of reasonable to good quality.