100 new Optiarc AD-7200A (ide) burners for sale on eBay



ITEM: SONY Optiarc DVD-RW 7200 DVD Writer Dual Layer ROM (220622943688)
SELLER: rackmountpro ( Feedback Score Of 19) 100.0%
LINK::iagree: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=220622943688&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT

100 new Optiarc AD-7200A burners for sale on eBay. These are IDE, but there may still be a few from another seller that are SATA (just search for Optiarc 7200).

Below are scans of MCC 004 media MII, burned in an Optiarc 7200A purchased from this seller. One scan is with the Optiarc, the second scan is with a BenQ 1620 for comparison. The scans are very similiar, and this may be the best IDE burner I have… :bigsmile:

There are a couple of negatives about this burner… During boot, it makes noises that sound like a floppy drive. Also, there are no markings on the back of the burner to indicate what the connections are for. Not even markings to indicate “Cable, Slave, or Master”… LOL, the back of this drive is absolutely BLANK, not even a label.

If you have a really old PC, running at less than 1Ghz, google the CPU requirements before purchasing this burner.




I have two Optiarc AD-7200A’s and they are the BEST burners I have ever owned and give exceptional burns to my Verbatim MCC 004’s and my Taiyo Yuden T02’s-eh!!



Just bought two for backup/gifts.

Turns out they wanted $18.99 each AND $13 to ship ONE and $14 to ship TWO.

That coupled with the fact that they are almost impossible to find at ANY price makes this a very good deal IMO-eh!!


The PIF may look a little high on these two scans, but is lower than my other writers can do when burning Verbatim (MII) MCC 004 media. Forum posts had favored this model, but I never expected it to have such good reading ability.

The 7200 could also write to an awful batch of Memorex media, so I purchased a second one. And I’ll probably find a SATA model with Lightscribe for my newest PC.



Just received my two - both brand new and in great shape - built in September 2009.

@ mullardel34 - the connection diagram is at the bottom of the white information label - on top of the unit where you can easily read the information.

Again - this is a [B]real[/B] find - especially if you get two or more to knock down their unusually high freight charge-eh!!


don’t forget BCB = another 8% off


I downloaded NECWinFlash v1.50 Win32 GUI (with archive name of necflash_wingui.zip), from here:

I then flashed with L&D’s 109bt (auto) so I could set the writer to burn as DVD-ROM permanently. I’m not sure if the auto-reset for region code helps any, and I’m not sure if 109bt is truly the best firmware, but the burns look good. There are 37 L&D firmwares for the 7200A at this link.

Liggy and Dee’s firmware page for the 7200A and 7200S:

I started a new 50 pack of MCC 004 MII, and the PIF’s are now about 700 to 1300 (quality scores running at 95 to 97). Both burners I received are labeled July 2009, Made in China. There have been no problems so far, but I wish had time to be certain about the firmware.