100 minutes CD-R burning



Tools: LRT-52246S, Nero and three different 100 minute media.

How do you setup Nero on Preferences/General for red and yellow markers?
Also, I assume that on the Advanced Features tab, you’ll put 99:59

However I didn’t get to properly burn even one.
Any hint?



They really make CD-Rs up to 100min a disc???


the most I’ve ever done is 99min and 57 seconds on a 99min CD-R and that’s to burn @ 8x. You never want to burn any faster than 8x when pushing past the 85min mark which usually is near the outer edge of the disc. Sure that burning on the outer edge will allow the speeds to go faster but that’s usually not safe.

If you can, try burning @ 4x or lower. If not 8x. Many times overburning @ 8x is really pushing it. But my LTR-24102B can only burn 8x as the slowest so I burn @ 8x anytime I’m attempting a burn @ 90min or higher.

I would use the Nero CD Speed’s Overburning Test. Simulate a burn @ 99:59.74 w/ one of those 100min media. And see what the results say. If it errors in the results it will give you suggestions on what you should do to correct it. If you don’t get any errors, then LOWER THE BURNING SPEED TO THE LOWEST YOU CAN GO. That’s the only real key in overburning.

Not to mention when you overburn you have to tamper with the EXPERT FEATURES in the Preferences. And place a check mark next to “don’t eject until the disc is done” (or something cloes to that) and also set the max disc space to 99:59.74.

And I guess that’s about it. Can’t think of anything else.


The brand of the cds is VERTIGO CD-R 100min (XEO technologies from Switzerland).

I’ve found my self the way to burn them and for what you suggest on speeds, I’ve burned with no speed limits and it started x20 and has increased to the end at x42 (LTR-52246S)

Yelow mark starting 90:00 and red marker at 100:00
I didn’t try over 100 minutes yet.



You can probably push over 100min by only a few minutes. But at that rate of data you should burn at the slowest speeds possible since it’s pretty much the outer rim of the plastic of the disc. I’m not even sure if the CD-RW/ROM/DVD-ROMs will even read that far into the disc.

Vertigo CD-R 100min…I’ll hafta look for those. So far I’ve only been able to order some european type named “Sky” 99min/870MB CD-Rs. But they kind of stop selling them to the United States so I can’t buy them anymore…If I get my hands on one or two pieces of Vertigo media I’ll probably run a 103min test to see if it works or not.


I confirm you that I’ve burned sucessfuly 972MB on these VERTIGO CD-R 100, with Nero on DAO, without any extrange message.


i got 100:46 on a 99min cd off of yesbuy.net. I don’t think i pushed farther than that. My portable cd player spazzes out, it will play it from start to end just fine, but you can’t seek past 90 minutes or so. It also displays the total playing time as 40:25:confused:

Anyway, maybe ill try to push past that…

Oh yeah, i also burned it at 4x in both by ltr-48125w and my Yamaha CRW-F1 and they were cool.


Really valid addressing on CDs is possible up to 89:59:74 (per definition), but up to 99:59:74 is still possible, accepting that timestamps beyond the leadin start address are used twice.

But “100:00:00” is coded as “A0:00:00”, and needs special attention by the firmware to be read (unlike 99 mins, which can be read by old “tolerant” firmwares) correctly.


i can read it perectly, but like i said, trying to jump to say the last 3 or 4 tracks, it can’t do it.


I can skip to all of the tracks on the disc. I’ve never had a problem.

If you’re wondering how to make a 100 minute audio disc, check out my webpage link. Or you can go to Tom’s Hardware and check out their 2 articles on it.


i’m trying to burn a 750 MB (786,530,304 bytes) avi file onto a
900MB/99MIN CD-R

32x MultiSpeed
(Sunpower Canada, Made in Taiwan)

Asus CRW-5224A (52x/24x/52x), firmware 1.1
using Nero Burning Rom version 5.5.107(b) Enterprise Edition.

Yellow marker & Red marker @ 90/100min respectively.
Expert Features, i’ve got checked
-do not eject after burn is complete
-enable overburn “disc-at-once” burning
Max length 99min 59sec 74frm
-clear archive bits of written files during ISO refresh

Compilation Info
-No multisession
-ISO Level 1, Mode 1, ISO 9660, Joliet
-Burn: Write, Finalize CD. 4x, Disc-At-Once, FlextraLink.

Nero keeps on giving me
“There is not enough space to burn this compilation onto this medium. Please insert another medium that provides more space…” & ejects my disc

HELP! what’s wrong?

CD Speed Overburning Test tested on the disc:
Type 3, Capacity 79:59:74, Maximum 96:49.49 (851MB), Extra 16:49.50


This is my setup on Nero

File–>Preferences–>General:yellow marker on 90:00:00and red on 100:00:00 (horizontal scale in automatic)

File–>Preferences–>Expert options–>Enable overburn and set the max overburn value to what you want, for example 100:59:00

Mind that that a 90/99/100 minutes discs is not detected as 90/99/100 minutes long.
This is due to limitations in the CD-Standards, they use to be detected as 10 minutes, 15minutes 80minutes and something else.



juzt made it into an image first, then overburn went fine.
~not sure why it wudnt let me directly overburn


was it a data disc or audio?

Not that it matters, it should have worked fine @ 4x.


twaz a data disc


Hmm. I tried something similar before. I tried to burn 105 minutes or something like that on an 80-minute CD. I knew it wouldn’t make it, but I wanted to see what my CD players’ display would say. My iRiver iMP-150 MP3-CD player shows the right time, 105:20 or something, while my Sony D-CJ711 said 45:20. I’m guessing that when the time goes past 100 minutes, it simple adds the extra amunt of time to ‘60’ (so a 112-minute CD (GigaRec 1.2x with 100-minute CDs would show up as 52 minutes because 60 + 52 = 112).


I tested one on my girlfriends cd player and after the 100 minute mark, it showed A0:00 A1:00 as the display, which is correct for hexidecimal. Quite nice because it didn’t skip really either.


Cool. That’s what it should show anyway. A0:00 for 100:00 and A1:00 for 101 min… How about 110:00? Is that B0:00? Would that mean 159:59 would be F9:59? If so, what would 160:00 equal? G0:00 (really 60:00?)? Anyone want to try to burn a CD with such a fake TOC and see what the player will show?


Theoretically it would display AA:00 after F9:59, whether the cd player does, is a different story of course.


OK. What would the AA mean? Part of the seconds are cut off and the minutes are expanded to three places? How about after FF, then?


After FF would require more than the two digits. The AA is the minutes, I was giving it as an example.