100 Memorex 8x DVD+/-R $39.99 at BB

I ran across this on the BB site. Buy one get one free. Thats a very good deal on this media. Im thinking Ricoh R02 maybe for the plus. I wonder about the minus.



Does anyone know the media codes on these? I would definately take 100 R02’s for $40

I wouldn’t take a chance since you never know what your going to get with Memorex and I for sure don’t want CMC Magnetics. I would much rather take my chances here between getting Ricohjpn R01 or Ritek R03 for the same money shipped fedex.

BB has a good return policy on open media. I’ve returned open packages with no problem. Just ask about the policy before you buy.

Yeah, I´m also kinda skeptic about the Memorex at that link being RICOH R02… :confused:

More likely; CMC MAG E01´s or PRODISCR03. I have also seen reports of these 8x +R´s being PHILIPS C08 (in Europe).

And the minus -R´s are most probably CMC MAG AE1´s…

But, all above mentioned are decent media and will burn well at least at 4x speed. :wink: YMMV.

Unless you use a LiteOn, there’s nothing wrong with CMC and Prodisc.
Circuit City had a similar deal on 25-ct spindles, 2 for $19.

Has anybody gotten any of these yet? I saw in the store that they had these discs (+R) with slightly different packaging (but same UPC code). One of them has a thick lip around the bottom like the one in the picture above. The other type had a very thin lip around the bottom.

Anyone know if you can tell the manufacturer from the packaging type?

I picked up 2+ and 2- (25pks at CC), The + where prodisc, one minus was FUJIFILM03, and one was RitekG05. FWIW: the fujifilm3 where in the same package spindle as the prodisc Plus media (thick base), the RitekG05 were in raised lip top like the typical CMC/Ritek spindles.

Hope this is helpful.

Memorexx only buy OEM discs from assigned quality-approved factories, so quality guanranteed! :bow:

You must be joking… :wink: More like “quasi quality”…
“Quality guaranteed”… Heh, he… Sure. :confused:

Someone on another forum reported getting two packs of Ritek R03.

Any idea what type of blanks these are. On sale at Best Buy, 2 packs for 39.99 (add 2 to cart). Free shipping


Memorex 50-Pack 8x DVD+R Disc Spindle

Model: 32025607


Hey, I went and bought theese disks. They’re ritek 03s revision 02 for the +Rs. I’ll let you know for sure what the minus Rs are because my friend bought some. That’s what his dvd player likes for some reason. Haven’t burned any from the spindle yet but the memorex disks in the movie cases are ritek 03 too, and they burn fine. 100 blank disks for $40, I can’t complain. I think the minus R disks are ritek too but I don’t know which.


Which type of spindle did you get? The one with the thin bottom lip and smooth underside or the one with the thick bottom lip and spoked underside?

There’s pictures of the two types in the link that jtommyj gave. Or you can just see them here and here.

Smooth thin bottom, no spokes. Nice burns @ 8x, almost perfect! I like it a lot, now when my friends ask me to burn something I can use something other than my yudens. I can save those for me. I tell my friends $1 a disk but with the yudens it wasn’t really a good deal for me. Now that’s enough to make it almost worth while. :stuck_out_tongue:

hmm all the CMC E01s that I have gotten were subpar on all my burners (including memorex 8x). Prodiscs are good.

For me it was just the opposite. The CMC E01s (TDK and Memorex) that I got burn great. I had problems with PRODISC R03s (also Memorex) until I got further down the spindle. (This is on my BenQ 1620).

The memorex minus Rs are cmc magnetcis AE1. I traded my buddy 10-Rs for 10+Rs so I would have some minus Rs to play with. He doesn’t have any problems burning them @ 8x on his 3500a and his dvd player is picky. They can’t be that bad, I only have one of the free 4x -Rs left from newegg. I didn’t pay attention to the package, so don’t ask. :slight_smile:

No arguments there. Memorex is a very popular name but the quality all to often is sub-par for the price. I never recommend them to anyone unless they know for sure what media they are actually getting.