100 Fuji CDR's for $12.99 at FYE

Ripped from a thread on slickdeals.net:

FYE has a fantastic deal on TY Fuji CD-Rs right now.

These are regularly $19.99 for a 50 pack. They are on sale, for $12.99 and it’s Buy One, Get One Free!

That makes 100 CD-Rs for $12.99.

I picked up two packs, and they were the Fuji BLUE Packaging, “Made in Japan” discs. Sure enough, my drive identifies them as Taiyo Yudens. For those in the know, TY is the benchmark against which all CD-R, DVD-R and DVD+Rs manufacturers are measured.

Fuji has been phasing out the TY discs, and I see the yellow and white new packaging may look pretty, but it’s Made in Malaysia. Avoid!

I’m going to say it’s YMMV because stores with newer stock may not have these Made in Japan discs.

As well, FYE did have Fuji DVD+Rs and DVD-Rs (8X Blue packs), BOGO 25 packs for $12.99. I could only find Made in Taiwan ProDiscs (which I hate with a passion for movie burns), but maybe you will luck out and find 50 of these in TY for $12.99.


I called my local FYE and they said they have many 50 packs of Fuji CDR’s. Will be stopping down there tomorrow to pick up 100 discs.

If you’re not sure what or where FYE is, click here for a store locator.



Good find-

Thanks for sharing-eh!


Crap, no stores in my area. I really could’ve used that deal.

Thank you jeenam! I have been waiting for a good deal on TY media for the last couple months!

Hopefully my local FYE will have MIJ Fuji Discs, Im gonna swing by there tonight!


I swung by my local FYE last night. They must of had around 50 packs of the Fuji CDRs cakeboxes, the regualar and multi color ones. After searching through each and everyone of them i only came aross 2 packs of the multi colored fuji cdrs that where MIJ. And on top of it they looked like they had been drop-kicked across the store. They cases were busted and all taped up.
But i couldnt pass this deal up.