100% free audio cd burner that plays cd-r's anywhere?

I’ve been burning music through rhapsody, but found that I can’t play those CD’s in my car’s CD player. I’m thinking it’s because the cd is made up of .mp3 files and the player can’t read the disc. How do i burn an audio cd that is compatible with all players and can be played anywhere? Is there a 100% free cd burning software I can use? I want to give my friend a cd but i’m afraid it won’t play in his car either. :frowning:

  1. Use good CD-R media. The best CD-R media is manufactured by Taiyo Yuden (anything with the label “Made in Japan”).

  2. Use a good CD/DVD burner

  3. Use a reasonable burning speed, typically 16x, 24x, 32x depending on drive

  4. Burn the disc in “CD Audio” format. You will be able to fit up to 80 minutes on a regular CD-R.

Many programs can be used for step 4. A small, free and simple to use program is Burrrn.

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Dragemester, beat me to the punch…Might also try BurnAware Free…
But maybe your friends car player supports mp3. Have you tried it?

Thanks! Also I was wondering if there is a 100% free cd burning software that burns cd to cd without having to copy the files to the hard drive? I always have to rip the music from a cd to the hard drive and then create a playlist with the music in the exact same order and burn it to a cd. What do you recommend?