100 Dvd 4 $24 Usd



Philips DVD+R 2.4X 100Pk in Spindle
They are only 2x, but thats what I burn all my disc anyway.

I have a Mad Dogg Multimedia MD-16XDVD9 burner and a Toshiba SD-M1212 DVD Reader/Rom

I used Philips DVD-r 8x media and Memorex DVD-r 8x, 2 coasters out of 100, but they were my fault(can’t copy on the fly w/ Nero:(


Phillips,eh? So they are CMC produced discs? Not really worth it when you can get 4x and 8x discs for pretty close to the same price. EDIT it should also be noted that you will need to factor in shipping costs so it isn’t a good deal at all. Burning at 2x is a waste of time at this point unless you only have an old 2x burner.


the 4x is $30, but I burn my ps2 games a 2x anyway


The 4x is $30+shipping. I can get 4x (possibly 8x) Taiyo Yuden media in a 100 pack for $30 shipped from supermediastore. I would take TY over Phillips (CMC Mag) anyday.


2X in 100 spindle?? WoW, you will save big time on media since it will take approximately a few years to finish burning 100 discs at 2X. That way you dont have to stock up for a few years


The 4x Philips CMC Magnetics discs are good though - at least the +R’s. CMC Mag F01’s that burn off beautifully at 4x and can overspeed pretty well to 8x. The BenQ does a nice job on these.


for my games I prefer quality over quanity. What good is it anyway if the station dosen’t read it?




2x does not automatically equal quality, especially when burning high speed media at such a low speed. High quality DVD media can be burned at its rated speed and played back just fine.



Discs are labelled a specific speed because the dye has been designed to be used with a specific laser strength & exposure period.

You’d perhaps burn them at lower speed was if the drive had a different burning strategy at lower speed, ie P-cav or Cav, versus Zoned CLV as it eliminates the laser being turned off between sections & hence a possible synch error on devices that have out-of-spec tolerances.

Or maybe if using the writer in an old PC or in an external case which cannot keep up with the bandwidth required.