100% Cpu



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When running dvdshrink and backing up the files to the Hard drive it starts off ok at great speed with a time of 13 mins left then by the time it gets to 6 mins everything has slowed to a crawl and even though it says 6 mins left its probably 10

I looked at the CPU usage and it was 100% is this possibly a cache problem ? or is there another problem lurking in the back ground somewhere.

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Shrink will use 100% of the CPU if it can, so I wouldn’t worry about that. On the speed front, make sure your devices, both optical and HDDs have DMA set on in the properties for the IDE channel. This is done via device manager.


Thanks orinoco, all the settings are as they should be.

Didnt realise the shrink would take that much cpu, now I know :slight_smile:


Yep, 'fraid so. It can be set to run in Low priority mode but if the machine isn’t doing anything then it’ll grab everything…