100% cpu while burning [cause: XP os and damaged disks]



Thank you - your site was helpful in finding the solution to what happened to cause my plextor burner to go from 5-10% cpu, to 100% of cpu and much more memory when burning with nero [tho any burner & program prolly would do the same cuz of winblows].

i had put in a couple archive dvds that had been gouged to see what was still salvageable, and XP then closed use of DMA for data with the drive because of drive data errors, forcing it to old and slow PIO, and locking it there [w2k does the same]. another thread has this link of how to fix it, but its well near the bottom of a long thread with users trying to find a hardware problem before this one appears, so hopefully someone using google [like me] will find this post, and the easier answer. my thanks to the author