100% coasters with new NEC 6500?



Hello all,

After my Sony DW-P50A refused to write RW’s and was replaced after a costumer-service hell, with a whimsical Toshiba SD-R6252 that sometimes wouldn’t even read original DVD movies, I went on, spent $110 and got myself a brand new NEC ND-6500A.

I hoped that that’d end the trouble - but after two first (successful) test burns, everything I burn now seems to to be useless. Writing finishes flawlessly, producing a disc which fails miserably on verification. I tried different media (MCC 03RG20, Ritek R04, Optodisc +RW) at different speeds, with identical results.

WinXP SP2, 512MB RAM; Secondary Master, UDMA on.

Any ideas??

P.S. When I first installed the drive, the door didn’t want to open; I had to slightly loosen the screw closest to the eject button.


Sounds to me like either a software problem that is somehow corrupting your burns or a power supply problem. What wattage is your PS? Is it a name brand or a 500 Watt el cheapo that probably couldn’t pull a clean 350 W? I only think this might be the case since different media has the exact same problem and you’ve had problems with other burners as well. If you have anything connected to primary slave, disconnect it and try again. Also, if you are overclocking your CPU, try setting it back at default speed. Try to isolate the power supply as the problem. I guess it could also be an IDE controller issue; make sure you have the latest drivers installed. What chipset are you using? VIA, nVidia, Intel? I know VIA has had problems in the past. Oh, one more thing, some versions of norton antivirus can cause a lot of buffer underruns, which may compromise burn quality.


Power supply? It’s an internal laptop drive, I’m using the standard original 65W DC supply. There’s nothing connected to primary slave, no overclocking, and no Norton antivirus. I installed all available updated drivers and firmware, including BIOS, chipset and drive - nothing.