100 52x $15.50 SHIPPED



Pretty cheap, no way of knowing what media you’ll receive though. Good for, “Buddy disks.”




For a couple of bucks more I’ll stick with RITEK CD-R’s, never had a problem. :slight_smile:
48X High Speed CD-R 80min/700MB (Silver on Silver) by Ritek


Good deal with free shipping. Might even be enough for me to decide my boycot on Ritek media is limited to only DVD R. :stuck_out_tongue: I need to stock up on some more, “Buddy media.”

(Buddy media is the stuff you give to people who refuse to realize that Taiyo Yuden is worth the extra money, so you give 'em one of the cheepie disks and say, “Here you go, buddy!”) :slight_smile:



I ordered from a different site. Got 500 disks for 31 bucks with shipping.
use code DZ4PRD20 to get $20 off a $50 purchase. You might have to add something like paper clips or pens to get to 50 bucks. If the code doesnt work for you, call them and they will get it all worked out. I never had any problems with these disks.


Are you sure it was 500? Cause from your link its $9.97 for 50 pack. :confused:


yes u have to put in 5 as your quantity and its buy one get one free so it will be 10 spindles of 50


I dont use cheap disc for copying for friends. Lately, I haven’t seen Fuji CD-R go on sale for $9.99 for a spindle of 50 anymore. I am low on TY CD-R


Are we looking at the same page? Cause I don’t see buy one get one free. :confused:


it will show up when u check out or u can call them…trust me they are buy one get one free.


OOS on the Viking page…



{EDIT} OHHHH! Out Of Stock! lol… No longer out of stock, but I was asked where the promo came from anbd when I said that a friend on a forum told me about it, they said they couldn’t honor it from another website. So, the question is, what website did it originate from, so I can follow the link from there. :slight_smile:

BTW, they’re back in stock.



look for wednesday 04/27/05


Looks like the Viking deal may be dead.


not dead…hot deal and they run out of stock quick…just ordered 500 more for a friend…keep trying and u will get lucky also.


I mean, they are no longer honoring it. Look here. http://forums.slickdeals.net/t96194.html?&page=7&pp=15



they honored it yesterday for me. guess it depends on which csr u get.


Hmmm, thanks for the info. I’ll try again. :wink: This is a slamin’ deal for sure, thanks again for bringing it to our attention. BTW, could you tell me what the media code is on these?



Media Information

Format Capacity Blank Disc
Free Blocks 736964608
Free Capacity 702.82MB(736.96MB)
Media Type CD-R
ATIP Start Time of Lead In (Media Code) 97m26s66f
ATIP Last Possible Start Time of Lead Out 79m59s73f
Manufacturer Name CMC Magnetics Corporation
HD-BURN Certified YES
Available Write Descriptor CLV 40.0x 6000KBps
Available Write Descriptor CLV 32.0x 4800KBps
Available Write Descriptor CLV 24.0x 3600KBps
Available Write Descriptor CLV 16.0x 2400KBps
Available Write Descriptor CLV 12.0x 1800KBps
Available Write Descriptor CLV 8.0x 1200KBps

                  I know cmc sucks, but i havent had a single problem with them


Actualy, from what I’ve been reading from others here, CMC has done a MAJOR turn-around. For archive stuff, it’ll still only be Taiyo Yuden for me, but for daily use working copys, the cheap stuff, (ESPECIALY THIS CHEAP), will do just fine! :slight_smile:

I assume it’s no longer possible to make this work just using the website to order? I used the coupon code, and it looked as though what they were doing in giving me a $20 off coupon, NOT applying it to THIS ORDER. :confused: Also, is there a limit of 5 on this deal? If not, I’d just order 6 to make the $50 minimum and get me 600 disks. (I’m not all together THAT fond of paperclips. lol) Sorry to be a pain in the ass, but I REALLY want to make this deal WORK!!!



Grrrr, I don’t know if I just waited too long or what. It’s after 12:00 here adn the CSR I just spoke with said the bogo deal isn’t showing up on her computer. It could be because I’m in NY? This is a really slammin’ deal and I want it!