100 16X +R Ridata for $19.99 Shipped after $10 MIR @ the EGG

I am surprised no1 posts this deal
Today is the last day and I saw this deal 5 days ago and still no1 posted it so I am going to post it since it is a good deal

100 16X +R Ridata branded for $29.99 - $10 MIR
you also get a 24 CD wallet for free and 3 empty cake box for free

So the final price is $19.99 shipped after rebate, you get 100 Ridata disc, 24 disc-cd wallet, and 3 empty cakeboxes

@ Newegg


Thanks for the heads-up on this. Ridata is not my favorite media, but they are well worth 20 cents each with free shipping.

welp, they removed the free 24 CD wallet for free as a combo deal, but still a great deal. I played with Ritek discs before and they weren’t pretty, so I am going to wait for a few reviews on their 16X media

I’m not surprised at all. Given the mixed results with Ritek/Ridata as of late, most folks aren’t bothering with them anymore. If these were confirmed Ricoh discs then it might be worth it, but anything else is just too much of a gamble. Some people might say, you can’t go wrong given the price but even a spindle of media that is free, still isn’t worth it if you have to reburn a significant portion of them after less than a couple of years of use.

LMAO! they now have a three pack of EMPTY spindles for “free” as a combo deal! Not much of a deal when they want almost $5 to ship those empty spindles. :rolleyes:

I don’t know what the MID is on these, since there is a reviewer that says his Pioneer 110 only supports them at 4x!? he might have old firmware.

Well, I live in a centralized area, it is not so hard to get a spindle of 100 TY for $30 since the Sony discs are constantly go on sale and I still have quite a bit TY discs left and lately I haven’t burnt as much as I used to, now I am reduced to prolly 12 discs per week. I am not gonna get those Ritek discs even I burn for friends a lot. I use genuine TY or MMC for burning for friends. But for a spindle of 100 16X for that price, it is a bargain for the starters.