10 year old TSST S182 (2006) allows faster DVD writing than LG BE14NU40 (2014)?

DVD Speeds:

  • SH-S182 (2006): 18×R, 12×RAM.
  • BE14NU40 ('14): 16×R, 5×RAM.
    I really wonder why.

Additionally, the LG is horrible at dealing with even slightly damaged audio CDs.
However, it has the highest burning quality and sometimes, and reads damaged DVDs and data CD-Rs like no other. Only drive with 100% error correction on tested discs.

12x DVD-RAM were never make the way to many countries, so I say it´s OK

And except Princo no other media-manufacturer sell DVD-media with higher spec than 16x

The quality of media decreased the last years more and more, I rarely use higher speeds than 16x

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I see.
But sometimes, speed maybe matters more.
Why not keep supporting?

Quality matters more IMHO

Quality matters most on write-once media.
But for fast hardcopying, quick distribution or for re-writeable media, even the quality at the maximum speed should be sufficient.

Do you talk about DVD-RAM or R?

For WORM (write once) media for archival, quality is first priority.
For mass distribution, either stamped discs or faster burned can save time while still maintaining readability. Of course, stamped discs have the highest quality.

TBH, at least my only interest is for my own media, I try to produce highest quality as possible with the media/writer-combination.

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Consider the extra time needed to re-burn replacement for the defective media (inevitably you’ll have higher defective rate at 18x) and the minimum time gain between 16x and 18x, probably there will be no real time difference between those two speeds. This is in case if you burn full 4.38GB, if you burn less than full size DVD I highly doubt if you see any time difference even between 12x and 18x.

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And most writers are very limited in speeds if you don´t have TY-media or sometimes MCC-media.

So you don´t have the possibility to burn faster.

And even with good TY from Plextor I got coasters at 24x, I´ve burned more than 50 pcs with 12-16x with no coaster

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Which coasters?

If it is WORM, quality matters most. I agree (lowest speed settings).
For mass distributions, one could maybe sacrifice quality a bit (eg. 8× or 12× DVD burning).

If it is a re-writeable disc, it dependsbon the purpose.
If I use a CD-RW to test as audio CD on an old CD player, I should not just burn at low speeds, but also use a full-soze desktop disc drive. They achieve higher qualities at the same speeds (at low speeds: no difference) than slim laptop disc drives, but require 12V instead of 5 volts.

If I use it inside computer drives with good error correction, and will rewrite the disc anyway, then quality is lesser important.

My SH-224DB makes ugly noises at a 24x-burn and the result was an unreadable TY-disc

These discs are hard to find since years and I don´t want to waste em because I can choose 24x

RW-media was never good for me players, even cheapest R media works better.

Lowest speeds don´t guarantee good writing quality, this is the biggest urban legend in the whole optical disc world.

For high speed media I prefer 8x-12x if I burn over 3,8GB, works good for good media. Bad media works bad on all speeds.

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What does TY-Media and MCC mean?

My LG BE14NU40 writes above average quality on cheap media. But the SH-S182 does not reach that quality level.

TY = Taiyo Yuden, the best manufacturer for CD-R and DVD-/+R media . Stopped this business in 2015. Discs mostly sold under other brands like Plextor, JVC, That´s

MCC = Mitsubishi Chemicals Co., mostly sold as Verbatim

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