10 Verbatim DL DVD+Rs at £3.00 each



Maplin have a promotion on at the moment on Verbatim Dual Layer DVD+Rs, it’s a BOGOF offer, Buy One Get One Free, on 5 packs of Dual Layer discs. Therefore you get 10 discs for £29.99, or £3 each, free UK delivery is available if you spend another £5.01 which for most blokes is not difficult at Maplins. Otherwise Postage is £2.50.

Get the best DL Bargain you’ll get at this moment in time…


Although for those not wanting quantities at this price…there’s CD Evolutions Infiniti DL Media at £2.70 each inc. VAT.


Roll on the day when these things are a more realistic price, i.e. £1 and less per disc.