10% to 12% off in-store May 23- 28

thanks for posting, I haven’t changed my RZ address yet so I won’t be getting these in the mail. hopefully there are some MIT MCC04s left

Thank you sumbitch
Now I going get second LG GSA-H62L

I guess I should’ve waited to buy the 500GB MyBook I bought monday.

Yes thank you for remember that $139 Premium ES Edition 500GB External eSATA and USB 2.0 after 12% $126 W/O TAX :smiley:

10% off a Video IPOD is about the best price you will ever see. :iagree:

Maybe I should go buy another one now!

I bought the original Verion 1 of the regular IPOD 4gig 2 years ago for 199.99 and they are still that same price. Sales on IPODS are very hard to find.:iagree:

go get it adjusted! best buy adjusts prices within 30 days.

there’s no reason to let them keep your money :slight_smile:

eSATA?? Now I need to know if the IBM thinkpad T61 has eSATA since it is built on Santa Rosa platform so I can get both. I dont need an external drive for my desktop even I have eSATA port on my desktop
thanks for the info

I need to buy a iPod Nano soon…looking for a good deal somewhere…will see the prices on BB as well. You’re right, I hardly find a deal on iPods :frowning:

Any great deals this weekend at BB?

I got the 2007 version of Spyware Doctor for 9.99USD, its only a 1 year subscription but it was supposed to be 14.99 and when I got to the register it was 9.99. I like it.

As usual, Apple products are excluded, figures.

Stupid Apple & their sweater wearing, price setting ways. :stuck_out_tongue:

here is the same thing in smaller sized coupons