10 things you need to know before moving to Windows 7

Network World - Windows 7 officially ships on Thursday, which means end users and administrators running Windows XP (and to a lesser extent, Windows Vista) have some interesting decisions to make.

Link: http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9139622/10_things_you_need_to_know_before_moving_to_Windows_7


My long in the tooth ASUS K8VSE AMD3700 64bit ran really fast on RCWin7. It was definitely faster. I had no problems finding drivers for the AMD X800 256 AGP Pro Video card and this was with just 2.5Gā€™s of Ram.

I may run WIn7 on separate hard drive as I have 3 500G hard drives with one basically doing nothing, but I would have to pay twice if the machine breaks down and then have to rebuild, so I just may wait till I build a new machine.

I have Vista Sp1 64bit that I purchased but heard so much negative stuff about it I never installed it. I may install it on this machine, since I have it, oh well.