$10 rebate on 25-pack Verbatim 16X DVD+R at Supermediastore

Supermediastore.com has 25-packs of Verbatim 16X DVD+Rs for $10 after a $10 rebate. Actually it’s cheaper to buy three packs…$27 after rebates.

Thats an awesome deal…thanks :smiley:

Hey, I also saw that Meritline has the same deal, but their inital price is better. For three 25-packs, it is $55.99…take off $30 for the rebate that’s $25.99

Has anyone taken advantage of this deal yet? Think it would be wise to order from Supermediastore.com instead of Meritline?

I might place an order tomorrow. My BenQ and NEC love this media :slight_smile:

JDaMan… I got your PM, and immediately went to Supermediastore’s site. That is a great deal. This MCC004 is good stuff.:iagree:

I don’t have that much experience with Verbatim media tho. I’ve heard that it comes from two places, and that one place (I think India) is better than the other place.(I may have that backwards) So has anyone purchased Verbatim 16X (MCC004) from Supermediastore.com in the past?