10 Packs ? verbs?

Hey Guys,

are all 10 packs Verbs DVD DL made in Singapore ?

has anyone Come across 10 packs Made in India Verbs DVD DL ?

Yes, 10 disc cakebox (new design) can be Made in India.
(Last found in Kaufhof Hauptstraße in Heidelberg, Germany (Verbatim EMEA area).)

I bought 3 10 packs from officemax in U.S. MO MII, but had a lot of coasters. I will stick with MIS!!:iagree:

At MediaMarkt in Freiburg (Germany) you can find these “new look” 10 packs of Verbatim DVD+R DL 2,4x MIS or MII
together on the [B]same[/B] shelves and for the [B]same[/B] price.

Fortunaly MI Singapore or MI India is written on the side of the package.