10 Optodisc's for just 1,50 euro's

Dutch folks looking for cheap media, and you dont mind waiting 45 min to burn 1 disc, go to cdrwinkel.com, they still sell Network (Optodisc)DVD+R 2.4 speed :bigsmile:
10 DVD+R’s in a cakebox for just 1,50 :eek: LOL

Optodisc is mostly crap :Z


If you mean in general , I have to dissagree

If you mean these particular 2.4x speed then I don’t know

The 8X DVD+R and 16X DVD+R (specially the 16X) are nothing short of [B]spectacular[/B] :wink:

Ok,order is out the door.
I needed some Verbatim photopaper anyway,ordered the network cakebox and to get the total over 20 euro’s an antistatic wristband.
When its in I,m gonna test those baby’s on different speeds :rolleyes:
Keep you guys informed :wink:

Looking foeward for scans :wink:

I made 2 scans from the Optodisc OP1 Network DVD+R 2.4x cakebox.
They are in the Optodisc DVD+R section.
Burned the 1st one with no mediatweaks, but that one was a bit dissapointing( maybe I,m too spoiled with my Verbatim scans :wink: ).
the guy from the store told me that they still had stock from almost 6 years ago, and having that in mind I dont think the scan is that bad.
For the second burn I changed the strategy to OP2,still 2.4 speed though, but with a huge improvement.
I tried to make a 8x burn with the Optodisc OR8-00 strategy but that gave me a calibration error after the burning of the lead-in resulting in the dvd to be spit out.
Tried a 4x burn with the OR4-00 strategy but that one was even worse then the standard OP1 burn.
Any other strategies or settings you can recommend?
I have 5 discs left LOL :bigsmile:

Having such old stock discs that may have laid in the sunlight and/or hi humidity would result in such scans